These Textured Choppy Bobs Will Convince You to Make the Cut

Deep Side Chin Bob
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There is no shortage of bob-length haircuts stylish enough to convince you to finally make the chop, from the fringed French bob to the retro flippy bob. However, if you find yourself lusting over the coolest, trendiest bob wearers out there, you might want to explore these choppy bobs before heading to the salon next. Choppy bobs have many often short layers that can create extra volume, body, and movement that many classic one-length bobs lack. So basically, these aren't falling flat anytime soon.

Luckily there are all sorts of choppy bobs to match your style and hair type, from super textured short bobs that graze the chin to airy long bobs that go lighter on the layers. Customize your cut with additions like bangs and blunt ends, and you'll have a look that's distinctly you. Here are 15 choppy bob hairstyles to try.

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Textured Chin Bob

Textured Chin Bob

This is proof that a classic chin bob doesn't have to be boring, thanks to textured layers that act like major volume enhancers.

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Chin Bob

Textured Chin Bob

A softer take on a choppy bob that works for many different hair types, this cut adds internal layers for extra volume and long layers to create texture.

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Blunt Blonde Bob

Blunt Bob

Noticeably the coolest cut in the room, the blunt bob grazes the collarbone and features blunt ends with a choppy side part.

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Textured Curtain Bob

Textured Chin Bob

Transform a basic long bob with razored layers and seamlessly snipped curtain bangs. These effortless bangs are so much easier to style than other types and instantly make any cut look super stylish.

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Subtle Stacked Bob

Stacked Chin Bob

Even if you're looking for a subtle take on the bob cut, you can ask for long, angled layers and slight stacking in the back to create a multi-dimensional bob.

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Blunt A-Line Bob

Jourdan Dunn’s A-Line Bob
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This A-line cut's layers add lots of volume and body. Give this choppy bob a sense of order with a straight-edge middle part and some sleek styling.

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Choppy Chin Bob

Choppy Chin Bob

Dare to go shorter with this textured take on a retro French bob and a set of wispy bangs. With a length that hits above the chin, it accentuates the cheekbones.

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Angled Caramel Bob

Angled Caramel Bob

As if this melty hair color didn't already have us calling up the salon, the angled layers of the cut itself have us ready for a chop.

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Fringed Curly Bob

Choppy Curly Bob

Curly girls get in on the action by adding choppy layers to enhance the natural volume and texture their spirals already have. These extra short layers are working wonders for this fringed long bob.

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Face-Framing Long Bob

Face-Framing Length

We're flipping over this wavy long bob cut that's quite low maintenance thanks to minimal layering that focuses on giving texture to the ends.

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Deep Side Chin Bob

Deep Side Chin Bob

Choppy layers add texture and volume to this short bob. Add a deep side part and flippy waves to enhance this playful, popular cut.

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Super Layered Curls

Choppy Curly Bob

Take advantage of thicker, choppier layers when you stack ringlets with a deep side part for more volume than even Dolly Parton could muster.

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Shaggy Short Bob

Shaggy Short Bob

It's almost never a bad idea for curtain bangs, if we can bring ourselves to make the chop. This bob gets its signature sass from super short layers and cropped curtain bangs that hit at the cheekbones.

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Curly Short Shag

Curly Shag

A shag haircut calls for lots of layers, texture, and bangs. That makes it a no-brainer for those with curls who want to try a choppy bob.

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Tousled Lob

Tousled Lob

When trying to give any short cut extra flair, go for angles that accentuate your jawline and textured layers that keep it from falling flat.

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