Time to make the autumn chop.

Let’s be real, this summer hasn’t exactly been the one to make an emergency appointment with your hair stylist just because you had a dream about Reese Witherspoon’s Sweet Home Alabama flippy bob and now you need a flippy bob. That’s why many of us are sitting at home with something of an, er, situation. Like a grown-out, lackluster, way too long, stringy situation. 

Those suffering from the same dreadful summer ennui when it comes to your strands, this is the time to make the metaphysical and literal chop heading into the fall season. No more malaise today, sister. Shake off the dust and remove the weight you’ve been holding onto for months now, by way of a super trendy jaw-hugging bob. Ahhh, can you feel the autumn breeze already? Things are looking up. 

This short haircut that hits just below the chin and curves in just enough to frame the face is everything a woman needs to feel like the lights have been turned back on and there’s a party on the horizon. It’s got the most sought-after hairstyle trifecta, hitting your face at the temples, cheekbones, and jawline to flatter your face like nobody’s business. 

If you’re already no stranger to short cuts, this is merely a modern update on the classic bob. Ask for internal layers to add natural volume without looking choppy, and make sure those ends turn in to frame the jawline just so. If you’ve never mustered up the courage to make the chop, just ask yourself one thing: What’s there to lose? 

A bob is certainly not new to the trend forecast, but this super flattering grown-up chin-length bob isn’t your same old blunt cut. Customize it to fit your personality and needs, whether that’s adding a sassy set of fringe or extra layers for texture. 

Before long, that breeze is going to turn into a gust, and then a whole storm. So get that wind back into your sails.