If you’re searching for the perfect summer-to-fall transitional hairstyle, look no further! This Braided Fishtail Crown is naturally elegant and fun, and it’s simple to master with very little effort. Our friend Hannah Holsomback, known on Instagram as @bighairedhannah, stopped by to demonstrate the step-by-step process. Want to know the best part about this impressive ‘do? There’s room for error. The Braided Fishtail Crown has a stylish charm because it’s easy and imperfect. The stunning hairstyle is incredibly versatile. It’s casual enough for sporting events and outdoor picnics, but it also pairs beautifully with a classy and timeless dress. All you’ll need to complete the look is a hairbrush, hairpins, hairspray, and a little patience. Alabama stylist Hannah starts by brushing her hair and sectioning off a piece at the front of her head. Next, she fishtail braids her hair around the head, picking up pieces as she goes along, in the shape of a crown. Once the braid is complete, Hannah secures the style with a few pins and a good spritzing of hairspray. It’s as easy as that! Now, give the Braided Fishtail Crown a try, and arrive looking flawlessly fabulous at your next event!

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