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Blunt Ends
Credit: Pinterest/Refinery29

We're not here to tell you to swap your hairstyle with the season or even every year. Hey, if it works, it works. There are times, though, when we can fall into a hair rut. That's the reason why we're always on the hunt for new ways to style and cut. When we need to scoot into the hair salon for a quick freshen up, there's nothing like a universally flattering cut to take the guesswork out of the equation. So, what's the hairstyle du jour, you ask? Apparently, it's all about the blunt cut—and it's not one-size fits all.

If the term blunt cut immediately brings to mind an image of that chin-length cut of your childhood, don't worry, that's not what we're talking about. A blunt cut truly works with any hair length or style but, perhaps our favorite blunt look also happens to be one that's quickly gaining popularity. We're talking about the short blunt cut (FYI: we consider ‘short' to be anything above the shoulders).

One of the primary benefits of a blunt cut as opposed to the layered and lobbed-out styles we have been seeing over the past few years is they can give the appearance of thick hair. A blunt cut is a straight across cut that produces fuller looking ends, since they're all the same length. Your stylist might want to add just a few longer layers to soften things up, but you'll still wind up with an all around fuller look.

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Once you determine the right length—and remember, you can work this look on long, medium, or short hair—and you've lived with your new cut for a while, consider throwing in some bangs at your next trim appointment. Blunt bangs are an option, though we're major fans of a little fringe to soften things up.