To put it bluntly, this is THE spring cut.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough

Every spring, we start the season with high hopes and big expectations when it comes to everything—including our spring haircut. Do I finally go for the chop? Or, gasp, the bangs?

Luckily, your work's already cut out for you. There's a bob that's only getting bigger and bigger on the hair trend radar, and it's open to getting bangs, too, if that's your thing. Say hello to an old friend: the blunt bob. It's not new, and it's not fussy—but man, it's on trend for spring.

It all started when those perfectly undone-done beach waves started over-saturating the hair scene. They're still there, still looking mermaid-worthy, but this cut offers something enticingly simple: a fuss-free, totally stylish short cut perfect for spring and summer. No curling wand required. And, for now, these blunt little numbers are a step ahead of the status quo, just like this chin-length bob from Texas-based stylist Charlie Price.

Here's what you get with a blunt bob cut: easy-to-style short length, enviably thick ends, and plenty of compliments. To boot, it's a fresh hairstyle that all textures can get in on. Pair a curly blunt bob with a deep side part? Too cool. Match a straight blunt bob with a sharp middle part? Oh so stylish. And for such a wearable look, it's hitting the red carpet as much as the salon floor.

More still, just a scroll through Instagram shows how much everyone's loving this spring bob. And if you're too bob-shy to go super short, you can easily customize the cut with an A-line long bob that still masters the blunt factor.

There's nothing like a spring-ready refresh on your strands, and we already know which cut we're showing our stylist. But if you need more inspiration, there's plenty of other spring hair trends to hop on before Easter.

2019 is shaping up to be an epic year with pretty haircuts, even prettier hair color, and unexpected trends at every turn. First stop: the blunt bob.