The Most Beautiful Blonde Hair Colors To Try This Year

These fresh blonde hair shades and highlights are sure to inspire.

Sandy Platinum Blonde
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Do blondes really have more fun? We can neither confirm nor deny, but these beautiful blonde hair color ideas have us itching to try it out. If winter weather has given your beauty routine a major case of cabin fever, we've got your ticket to somewhere sunny; or if your in-season color is fading and ready for an update, we've got all the options.

Whether channeling a platinum shade à la Marilyn Monroe or our favorite color crush, ash blonde, we're finding inspiration to help you update your 'do at your next hair appointment on all ends of the blonde spectrum. These blonde colors complement complexions of all types and will leave you feeling fresh and fabulous. Pinterest beauty board ready? Let's go get inspired.

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Bronde (Brown/Blonde)

bronde hair color

A mashup of brown and blonde, "bronde" is, according to hairstylist and oVertone Ambassador Douglas Michael, gaining traction. Characterized by a gold base, the end result is more muted. "Blonde doesn't always have to be platinum," he shares.

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Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Dirty Blonde Hair Color

​​​​​​​This low-maintenance color is as effortless as it is timeless. We love how these loose waves play up the natural tones of her color with subtle highlights.

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Sandy Blonde

sandy blonde hair color
oVertone/Stephanie Belz

Sandy blonde is another color you should consider if you want a more "beigey" or muted blonde, according to Michael. This beige hue is a result of combining a gold base with a cooler reflecting shade.

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Rooty Ash Blonde

Rooty Ash Blonde

Dark roots and super blonde strands can totally get along, especially when choosing a cool-toned ashy blonde that matches your natural hair tone.

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Champagne Blonde

champagne blonde hair color
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This shade is a combination of cool pearl and a tad of gold, according to Shvonne Perkins, Madison Reed Expert Colorist.

Lauren Williams, an Austin-based hairstylist, adds, "This shade is really the best of the best for just about any skin tone. It softens blondes and adds a creamy, luxurious tone to the hair. A perfect addition to your root shadowed "lived in look" or bright global blondes!"

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Rose Blonde

rose blonde hair color
Kimberly Caldwel

Try a rose blonde shade if you favor a little more warmth in your locks.

"These are shades that are infused with a little more copper and pearl, giving a not-quite-red yet not-quite-blonde look," Perkins says. "These shades are being embraced because they are easier to maintain than platinum blonde and the tones are more flexible." She goes on to note that tones with more warmth and richness lend more radiance and reflectivity. "It makes the skin look more luminous and dewier," she says.

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Spiced Gold Blonde

spiced gold hair color
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Wanting to phase out of pure blonde locks? Williams calls spiced gold blonde a good transitional color.

"Add a little spice to your life by bringing the perfect mix of gold and copper tones to this trendy hue," she says. "It's a great transition for blondes who want to add depth and vibrancy to their locks while achieving tons of shine!"

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Baby Platinum Blonde

Baby Stone Blonde
@los_pastel / Instagram

Make platinum blonde more wearable and low maintenance with highlights and lowlights throughout to create a multi-dimensional baby blonde look. Blend into the roots to reduce trips to the salon.

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Dirty Blonde Shadow Root

Blonde Shadow Root

Brunettes can always get in on the sunny times, too. With a shadow root and seamless balayage highlights, this hair color is low-maintenance enough to push back your touch-up appointment for a few months.

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Golden Blonde Balayage

Golden Blonde Balayage

Ah, a forever classic blonde hair shade that is easy and breezy enough to last for weeks and weeks without any extra tweaks. Ask for varying shades of gold, honey, and baby blonde.

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Pearl Blonde

Pearl Blonde

Like platinum, but with an extra pearly zing. This color looks absolutely striking when added to slightly darker roots to create a color melt with major style.

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Sunset Blonde

Sunset Blonde
@los_pastel / Instagram

A healthy dose of late-afternoon light makes dirty blonde look brilliant in any season. This warm hair color feels just like a sunset.

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Classic Balayage Blonde

Balayage Blonde Hair Color

We can't get enough of the cult-favorite coloring technique balayage. With highlights sweeping from face-framing layers to the back end of your tresses and just enough room at the crown for natural color to peek through, your salon's balayage specialist will know what to do.

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Sandy Stone Blonde

Sandy Platinum Blonde

A neutral blonde for all skin tones, stone blonde is the perfect way to lighten up your darker blonde strands without having to go full-on platinum.

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Cream Blonde Ombré

Cream Blonde Ombré

Even the darkest of brunettes can get a dose of blonde on their strands. A color melt going from deep chocolate brown to creamy ash blonde? Oh yeah, that'll do.

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Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

"Strawberry wine…seventeen…" This oh-so-sweet hair color takes us back to better days by crossing the bridge between blonde and auburn in the loveliest of ways.

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Frosted Wheat Blonde

Frosted Wheat Blonde
@justinandersoncolor / Instagram

Typically associated with winter blondes, cool blonde is actually oh-so flattering for warmer seasons like summer, too. Ask for a root smudge to marry your roots to the new hair color.

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Butterscotch Blonde

Butterscotch Blonde

Warm and melty like butterscotch, this blonde hair color tiptoes along the line of strawberry blonde—and we are fans of this delicious color.

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Ice Blonde Hair Color

Pearl Blonde

​​​​​​Hello, modern color crush! We're loving the cool-girl color of the moment for its grey undertones that are matched by a youthful bright blonde.

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Golden Blonde Hair Color

Champagne Blonde

Old Hollywood glamour comes in its finest form with luscious, golden waves that look straight off the beach. This look will warm you up any time of year.

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Blonde Hair Color With Lowlights

Blonde Hair Color With Lowlights

We want to steal this color for ourselves ASAP. Lowlights on bright blonde hair create a visual depth that brilliantly adds volume even after a few days post-shampoo.

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Dark Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Tortoiseshell
Pinterest/Anh Co Tran

Golden highlights are met by rich lowlights to produce a swoon-worthy dark blonde. This color best accentuates complexions with olive tones.

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Sandy Blonde Hair Color

Baby Sand Blonde

Calling all beach beauties! No sun and sand necessary to attain a beautiful sandy blonde wherever you are. Shimmering highlights and just a hint of lowlights with cool undertones create this perfectly effortless color.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does blonde make you look older or younger?

    Lighter hair hues provide you with a youthful appearance. Hair shades such as warm blonde, tan, or gold will reflect light away from your face, removing the shadows that can sometimes age a person's features.

  • How do you make blonde hair appear thicker?

    Darker hair colors appear thicker than lighter hues, so adding some low-lights to your blonde hair can add a thicker dimension. For a fuller look, choose a shade of brown, red-brown, or black that complements your hair color.

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