By Patricia Shannon
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Vintage Woman Sitting Under Hair Dryer
Credit: Getty Images

Wondering why your hair is looking dull, brittle, or has lost a bit of its luster? You might be committing one of these hair mistakes.

Cutting Your Own Bangs

We know, it's so tempting to want to give them a little trim, but we strongly suggest leaving this one up to the professionals. If you need additional reasons why, search Google with keywords "bangs gone wrong" and click on Images.

Being Too Severe

Whether it's super straight, tightly pulled back, or curls that actually crunch when you touch them, severe looks typically aren't the most flattering. The natural look is in, so opt for softer styling techniques that show off what Mama gave you.

Not Trimming Enough

If you're battling thin, or split ends, you might not be trimming your hair enough. Depending on your hair length, trims are recommended somewhere between every 6 to 12 weeks.

Using the Wrong Shampoo for Your Hair

It might not be your styling technique or cut that's giving your hair a lackluster look, you might be using the wrong shampoo. If your shampoo is too moisturizing, you might need to wash more than necessary. If you have a product build-up issue, you likely need a clarifying shampoo. Not to mention, curly hair has an entirely different set of needs that might be better served with a co-washing technique.

Not Investing in Beauty Sleep

We're not talking about getting enough z's. We mean laying your head on a standard fabric pillowcase. Invest in a silk pillowcase and you'll see smoother hair in addition to reduced sleep lines on your face. We're fans of SLIP Silk Pillowcases that come in a wide variety of colors.

An Bunch of Heat Tool Mistakes Like…

Skipping the heat/UV protector can severely damage your hair if you're using heat tools. Many style primer products have additional heat and UV protection in addition to their nourishing, volumizing or detangling benefits. Opt for one that does double duty. We love Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer.

Using a towel to dry, as we've mentioned before, can be abrasive to strands. Opt for a towel designed specifically for hair, like the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, which will help your strands dry faster and without friction.

Drying soaking-wet strands means that you'll be drying longer. Use one of those handy hair mitts we mentioned above or let you hair air dry a bit before blowing out.

Blow drying without an attachment isn't terrible on its own, but it usually means you're letting the barrel get a little too close to your precious locks. Using a heat funneling tool can help centralize air flow (in turn helping eliminate frizz) and dry your ‘do faster.

Straightening on the lowest setting might sound like a good idea, but you might end up runnin the clamp over hair a few times before you're satisfied with the results. Crank the heat up, but be sure to use smaller sections and hold with a lighter touch. And, whatever you do, don't hold the iron on one place on the hair for any amount of time. Eek.

Curling your hair wrong won't necessarily damage your strands (unless you hold it in place for too long), but it can be the difference between beachy waves and curls that mimic the curlicues of a certain former child star. When curling, hold the iron horizontally for great volume and wave without the ringlets.