30 Pretty Spring Haircuts To Freshen Up Your Look

Spring Haircuts
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Spring is all about new beginnings, which means there's no better time to breathe fresh life into your hair with a trendy new haircut. If you've been too holed up all winter to head into the salon, a chop might be in order. For that, we're seeing all sorts of ultra-flattering lengths that graze the collarbones, hit the shoulders, or frame the chin in just the right way. Let's not forget that a little color refresh could also be in order, and we're more than ready to show the world the lightened version of ourselves with a new spring hair color. From there, you can add bangs, layers, or deep side parts to your heart's content. Everything from tousled texture to super straight sleekness is on the docket, and we're ready to enter the season with fresh spring hairstyles. Here are 30 pretty spring haircuts to freshen up your look.

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Textured Collarbone Cut

Texture Shoulder Cut

If you want to add major curb appeal to your look, go with a collarbone cut, no question. It's ultra-flattering and works well with layers and texture.

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Shaped Bob

Stacked Bob

This isn't your typical chin bob. Short, choppy layers help create crazy-flattering shape and volume, while curtain bangs are the ultimate finishing touch.

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Curtain Bangs

Spring Haircuts

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Curtain bangs are the coolest fringe on the market. If you want something to instantly give you confidence, these are it.

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90s Bob

Crop Cut

There's no stopping the 1990s; they're coming back hard whether you want them to or not. As for this straight, chin-framing bob, we're fully on board.

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Modern Mullet

Spring Haircuts

Anyone else thinking of chopping off their hair these days? This crop cut is serving up majorly chic vibes that you can style in many different ways.

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Long Layers


When you're working with tousled texture and flattering multi-dimensional hair color, there's no need to go crazy with your cut. The layers will do the talking. Keep your layers long to ensure there's volume and movement to make the most of your mane.

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Asymmetrical Lob

Asymmetrical Lob

This is quickly becoming our new favorite 'do to try this season. A deep side part and asymmetrical cut is a surefire way to update any mane.

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Girly Shag

Spring Haircuts

You get all the bangs and layers of a classic rocker shag without the heavy eyeliner and torn band tee. Ask for slightly wispy fringe to make it more wearable.

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Rounded Bob

Toffee Babylights
@natalieannehair / Instagram

Award for the most flattering bob of the year goes to...this one-length lob that curves under to frame the face and accent your collarbone.

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Asymmetrical Pixie

Spring Haircuts

You don't need to sacrifice any styling potential if you leave one half of your hair longer when opting for a short crop cut.

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Deep Side Part

Deep Part Lob

Something as simple as changing up your hair's usual part can make your length and style look totally fresh. Experiment with a super deep side part and tousled texture for an instant refresh.

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Layered Curls

Curly Medium Cut

Make a longer cut work for a curly girl by adding plenty of layers. Pair with curly bangs, and you're set with a spring refresh.

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Mini Fringe and Length

Mini fringe with length
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

If you're not feeling bold enough to big chop all of your hair, go for a set of mini fringe that will highlight your brow and cheekbones.

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Classic Hollywood Cut

Old Hollywood Cut

These brushed-out waves are calling our name. Keep your hair long and layered to enhance the Old Hollywood potential.

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Top-Heavy Shag

Spring Haircuts

Dive straight into cool-girl waters with this edgy shag cut that is heavy on the layers with full bangs up top.

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Face-Framing Shoulder Cut

Face-Framing Lob

This might be the most flattering length to come out of the salon. Keep it largely layerless to make the most of your thickness, and let the face-framing pieces hit all the good spots: temples, cheekbones, jawline, and collarbone.

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Longer Curtain Bangs

longer curtain bangs
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

Curtain bangs add beautiful framing and volume around your face. If you ask your stylist for direction on what style could best suit your face, trust them! Stylists are trained to know what will look best on different face shapes and they can offer suggestions that reach the best outcome for your style, says Kali Larson, a Tampa Bay, Florida stylist.

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Subtle A-Line Length

Spring Haircuts

The blunt lob just got a texture-friendly update that feigns extra volume, thanks to a slightly shortened backside that lets longer pieces in the front frame the face.

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Cascading Curls

Cascading curls
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

We love the look of loose beach waves. Subtle face framing in the front and soft layers make for buildable volume while keeping your hair long.

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Wispy Curls

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs instantly make every curl type look too cool for school, which is very much the move for spring. Ask for low-maintenance, piecey bangs to keep styling easy.

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Flipped Bob

90s Lob

This is another throwback cut that has us all in. Everything about it, from the collarbone-grazing length to the flipped-under ends to the straight, ultra-sleek styling, could convince us to make a pre-spring chop.

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Side Bangs

Sideswept Lob

If you want to update your lob for spring, try on a pair of side bangs for size. They're not near as committal as full-on bangs, and they're flattering for all ages.

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Frenchie Bangs

French Bangs

If you're looking for that je ne sais quoi, these bangs are a no-brainer. You want something that's not too blunt, but not too wispy.

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French Bob

french bob
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

This cut may look intimidating but what the French bob lacks in length, it makes up for in volume and sheer, effortless style.

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Curl-Boosting Layers

Spring Haircuts

This client of stylist Sal Salcedo went from weighed-down curls to totally volumized ringlets with the addition of lots of imperfect layers.

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Bob with Hidden Layers

bob with hidden layers
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

Hidden layers and texture in this straight cut make it anything but boring.

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Casual Chin Bob

Spring Haircuts

Another reason to go short? Significantly less worrying about how much time is spent on styling—and this no-fuss bob agrees.

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Face Framing on a Straight Cut

face framing on straight cut
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

Beside this hair color (who doesn't love a good balayage?), we're obsessed with this straight cut and gentle face framing by stylist Kali Larson.

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Grown-Out Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

We could go on about curtain bangs all day long. They're that good. Versatile, flattering, and the most low maintenance fringe ever? Consider us sold.

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Brunette Beach Waves

Brunette Beach waves
Kali Larson / @hairbykalidelta

They say blondes have more fun but with a brunette shade like this, we're here for playing devil's advocate.

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