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By Patricia Shannon
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Pura d'or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo
Credit: Amazon

If strategic hair teasing and constant mirror checks are your reality, you might want to give Amazon's best-selling shampoo for thinning hair a try. Pura d'or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo is making waves for its ability to take lackluster roots to new heights while cutting back on hair breakage.

When it comes to the battle against thinning hair, you have to start at the root, literally. Keeping your scalp happy and healthy is a therapy of sorts for strands. A healthy scalp means your hair follicles will be stronger and less likely to fall prey to dreaded breakage. That's the idea behind the best-selling shampoo from PURA D'OR. It's said to fortify hair from roots to ends with a bonus of finding less hair clogging up your shower drain.

Organic argan and rosmary oils are two key ingredients that work to strengthen and protect hair, while aloe vera (a much buzzed about hair-product ingredient) provides a surge of intense—not heavy—moisture to strands.

The other clincher? It doesn't have all those heavy chemicals you might find in other products developed for hair thinning; instead relying on an A-list crew of natural, hypo-allergenic ingredients that still somehow manage to get the job done.

The shampoo comes a la carte or in a bundle along with their Advanced Therapy Conditioner for double the hair-thickening benefits.

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