If you can't remember your last good hair day…
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If you're suddenly having more bad hair days than not, chances are you're using the wrong shampoo. But, don't worry—you don't need to spend a bundle on a salon shampoo to make sure you're doing the best for your tresses. Peruse your grocery store to see what they offer, then do your research. Read reviews online to determine the product that's right for you and your budget. If time is of the essence, take our word for it and try one of our suggestions below. We paired a top-rated shampoo with each hair issue to help ensure your best hair day is just a wash away.

Your hair feels heavy at the roots

If you use a bevvy of styling products and your hair feels lackluster even after it's freshly washed, you probably need a clarifying shampoo. Styling products (especially dry shampoo) will build up on your scalp without the proper suds, so lather up with a cleanser that will get rid of any product residue. This will ensure your scalp is fresh and your strands are full of body.

You can't get your frizz under control

If your hair is frizzy, feels dry, or is generally hard to manage, you might want to consider eliminating shampoo altogether and give co-washing a try. Creamy, co-washing cleanser is specifically designed to revitalize strands while adding moisture back in with every wash.

Your roots are oily

If you shampoo in the morning and notice greasy roots in the early afternoon, you're probably using a shampoo that's too moisturizing. Try one that uses a lightweight formula that will both cleanse and nourish fine strands.

Your color fades quickly

Clarifying shampoos will strip color, so stick to products formulated for color-treated hair. A color protecting shampoo will help you increase the length of your dye job, instead of literally washing it down the drain with each lather, rinse, and repeat.

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Your scalp is dry or itchy

Your shampoo probably isn't causing the dandruff, but using the right shampoo can get rid of the issue pretty quickly. Choose a cleanser that's designed for a dry and/or itchy scalp.