Talk about curl power.

By Maddy Zollo
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Blonde Woman Using Curling Iron in Bathroom
Credit: Luxy/Getty Images

If you look inside the cabinet underneath my bathroom sink, there's a full-blown hot tool graveyard. There are spare blow-dryers, multiple sized curling irons, a set of hot rollers, a "waver" that looks more like a medieval torture device, and even a hair crimper from my mid-nineties roller rink days. As a beauty editor, I'm always up for experimenting with new hair stylers, but the harsh reality is that I get over them—fast. No matter how hard I try to be one of those girls who always has a perfectly manicured mane, I eventually slack off in the strand department and revert back to my low maintenance ways.

So when the Beachwaver came across my desk, I assumed it was just another curling iron with a few extra bells and whistles. It promised to create perfect beach waves without the hassle of having to maneuver the iron yourself. Naturally, I had to give it a go. And let me tell y'all, thank goodness I did.

Designed by celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa, its ceramic barrel automatically rotates, taking the guess work out of curling your hair. Simply secure a section of strands in the clamp, hit the right or left arrow button (depending on the direction you want your waves to fall) and press it down to trigger the Beachwaver to wrap hair around the barrel. Then release the button to stop the rotation. You can also control the temperature of the iron and its speed (I recommend starting on the slow setting to get comfortable with how it works). After you get in a groove, you can wave your entire head of hair in less than ten minutes. Basically, it's a lazy girl's dream hair device, which is why it's avoided joining the ranks of my other discarded hair tools.

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You can also position the Beachwaver in different ways depending on your desired curl formation. Try holding it vertically for beachy bends, diagonally for defined coils or horizontally for vintage waves. I mean, can you think of a more versatile hair tool that only requires a push of a button? I think not.