By Jenna Sims
Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand
Credit: Amazon

Even though my hair is naturally wavy, I've never had luck with getting my thick hair to hold curl. I would spend time painstakingly curling, section by section, only to have my curls fall flat before I even walked out the door. I've tried it with air-dried hair, straightened hair, and both clean and dirty hair. I've also tried countless numbers of curling irons, hairsprays, and finishing sprays.

That all changed when I found the Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand for Loose Curls, 1" ($17.95; in the office one day and decided to give it a whirl. To say I had limited expectations is an understatement. I first tested it one night when I had nowhere to go, of course, assuming the results would be the same as usual. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised.

Somehow the tool managed to give me loose, wavy curls that lasted for two days instead of only two hours. I was also able to skip hairspray with my initial styling, though I would probably give curls a quick coat for added security if I was headed to a wedding or a night out with the girls. Even after 8 hours on my pillow, the curls just needed a touch up in the morning and a little dry shampoo, which meant I was finished styling my hair in 5 minutes. I'm happy to say this curling wand has saved me time, money, and my sanity—and the process couldn't be easier.

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To curl, I pull up the top section of my hair with a clip and start with the bottom layer. I wrap my hair around the barrel away from my face, holding the handle up and the barrel down. I repeat the process, saving the pieces around my face for last. The whole process is pretty quick, about 15 minutes for my medium-length hair. There's no clamp on this wand—contrary to the traditional curling iron many of us are used to—so it comes with a glove to protect your hand while you hold your hair in place. Curls will appear tight at first, but running your fingers through them a couple times will result in those loose, pretty curls you've been trying to master for years.