You've Probably Never Heard of This Best-Selling Detangler—But It's My Secret For Fighting Frizz

You'll leave the house looking (and smelling) like you've just left the salon.

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Beauty Protector Detangler
Photo: Birchbox

The Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle spray has 143,825 reviews. Its average rating? 4.5 stars. The scrawled tagline next to the review stats says it all: "WHOA!"

If you've never heard of this hidden gem product, you're not alone. It's been exclusive to Birchbox, a beauty subscription service, since 2013, and its popularity has skyrocketed ever since. According to Birchbox, in 2019, "the wunder-product was the #1 best-selling item on across all 50 states…a Protect & Detangle is sold every 11 minutes, and remains the most-reviewed product on the site."

Shop It:, $23

Given all the rave reviews, I decided to give this product a try. With fine, naturally curly hair, I suffer from extreme frizz pretty much all the time (the Alabama humidity doesn't do me any favors). I blow dry and re-curl my hair into wide ringlets most days in an attempt to tame my mane's natural inclination towards chaos. I typically use a heat protectant before styling, but it doesn't do much to fight the frizz. Enter: Beauty Protector.

"This leave-in hair detangler spray smooths out knots while protecting it from moisture loss, UV damage, heat, and color fading," Beauty Protector promises. It's made with hydrolyzed wheat protein to strengthen and panthenol to soften and moisturize.

If it's even possible to be addicted to a detangler, this hidden gem has me on the hook. It's quickly become my trusty everyday hair companion, keeping my frizz and knots in check while also protecting my hair from the exorbitant (but completely necessary) amount of curling I subject it to. It leaves my hair soft and Hollywood-smooth.

I went without this product for 4 days while on vacation (from a young age, my dad trained me to pack all I needed into a carry-on suitcase) and there was a noticeable difference in my hair's texture—without the Beauty Protector, my hair reverted to its frizzy, matte state, and as a cover up I wore a hat for 80% of the trip. Is it worth checking a bag to bring the full-sized bottle back home with you for the holidays? Absolutely. Sorry dad.

Simply apply this handy product to damp hair and comb it through from your roots to your ends. From there, style however you please. You can let your hair air-dry or blow dry and use hot tools to style. Since it's a two-in-one protector and detangler, it'll keep your hair safe from the burn of hot tools while also keeping it knot-free and smooth. But I'd argue that this product functions as a three-in-one, because it also acts as a lovely perfume.

This hair product is my number one weapon for fighting frizz, but perhaps its greatest asset is its scent. This detangler smells like a grown-up version of your favorite cotton candy Bath and Body Works lotion. Its sweetness is cut by a hint of warm florals, and the subtle perfume lingers in your hair all day long. Each morning, you'll leave the house looking (and smelling) like you've just left the salon. But the deal is pretty sweet: Instead of shelling out the cash for a blowout that'll last for a day or two, invest in an 8 oz. bottle of this detangler for $23.50. You don't need a Birchbox subscription to shop (although you may want to add a beauty box subscription to your holiday wish list); you can purchase this best-selling beauty product à la carte and replenish your supply whenever needed. Trust us: Your hair will be thanking you.

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