Beautiful Beach Wedding Hairstyles That Are Perfect for a Coastal Celebration

Beach Wedding Hairstyles
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Ah, the easy, breezy, beautiful beach wedding. It's hard to beat the sound of crashing waves as flower girls are traipsing down the sandy aisle and vows are being said at sunset. And much like how your venue might affect your shoe selection on the big day—perhaps no stiletto heels?—it should do the same for your bridal beauty look, especially when it comes to your wedding hairstyle. Instead of an uptight chignon or elaborate updo, you might want to head in a direction that fits your beachy destination—and that will help when the coastal breeze inevitably makes a guest appearance. Whether you're more into romantic braids, wind-swept buns, or classic loose waves, these beach wedding hairstyles take the cake as bridal beauty inspiration. Pin them for later, forward them to your bride-to-be gal pal, or take them to the salon for your very own nuptials. It's time to get hitched, seaside edition.

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Beachy Waves

Relaxed Waves

Keep it simple and classic with big-barrel curls that will gradually fall out in the outdoor nuptials. It's the perfect time for a fun tiara moment.

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Romantic Half-Up Braid

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Like a waterfall braid crossed with a half-up hairstyle, this long-hair look feels appropriate for a sandy beachside affair.

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Volume-Packed Chignon

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

It wouldn't be a Southern coastal wedding without someone bringing the teasing comb. Make a low chignon feel even more bridal with a generous tease and pretty flower clips.

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Sleeked Ponytail

Studio 54 Ponytail

The wind doesn't stand a chance against this slicked-back low ponytail that's giving us retro vibes.

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Heart Braid Half-Up

Heart Half-Up Braid
Barefoot Blonde

No hairstyle can help celebrate the big day like a heart-shaped braid that feels fit for the occasion. Get the tutorial here at Barefoot Blonde.

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Knotted Updo

Knotted Updo

This cool-girl take on a French twist comes about by layering two twisted buns or by knotting your hair into two buns. It's an effortless look.

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Loose Side Braid

Floral Side Braid
Hair Romance

Lean into the easy, breezy attitude of a beach wedding with a loose side braid that offers the perfect opportunity to throw in some pretty blooms.

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Not-Your-Basic Low Ponytail

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

For the bride who hates fussing with her hair, a low ponytail is a great compromise. Make it feel occasion-worthy by doubling up on the elastics with small braids inside a middle bubble.

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Swept-Back Low Bun

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Get a jump on the wind by choosing a more casual low updo that will work with it, not against it. Plus, a bridal comb can help to hold it all in place better than bobby pins ever could.

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Pearl Headband Hairstyle

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Who says you can't rock a headband on your wedding day? Beach weddings offer a slightly more laidback atmosphere, which means your favorite accessory can most certainly make an appearance.

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Braided Updo

Summer Bridal Hair: Rope Braid Low Bun

Double lace braids create an elegant updo that also feels relaxed enough for a beach wedding. Find the tutorial here.

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Accessorized High Bun

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

This high ballet-style bun ensures that you won't be messing with your flyways during the ceremony. No hair in the face here.

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Inside-Out Ponytail

Inside-Out Ponytail

For the low-maintenance bride (or anyone that might be doing their own hair), an inside-out ponytail is incredibly easy to achieve.

Pull your hair into a low pony at the base of your neck and secure with an elastic. Use your fingers to create a hole right above your ponytail and then just flip the tail into the hole, pulling the tail all the way through. Done!

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Short Hair Side Braid

Braided Hairstyle for Short or Long Hair with Pin

Short-haired brides need not fret. There are plenty of braid and half-up hairstyle options that create a romantic beach look that requires little hassle.

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Accessorized Loose Waves

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Be the most on-trend bride in the bunch by dotting your beach waves with floating pearl clips that give a dreamily retro touch.

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Curly Wrapped Half-Up

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

No bride needs to worry about having hair stuck on the face right in the middle of vows. A twisted half-up style tames hair just enough to alleviate any stress.

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Braid Crown

Braid Halo

For the inner romantic, this bridal style is ready to turn out the most gorgeous sunset photos. Accentuate with flowers that match your bouquet.

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Sleek Low Bun

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Sometimes, there's an itch that only a super smooth, sleek low bun can scratch, and that bride won't be dealing with any breeze-induced flyaways.

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Messy Low Bun

Hair Clip

Curly girls can fight that beach weather with a wind-swept messy updo finished with a coastal pin or clip.

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Classic Low Updo

messy bun
Robbie Caponetto

This messy bun is easy to do all by yourself!

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