The Spring Hair Trend Made For Anyone with Commitment Issues

If we have to hear, "Don't worry, it'll grow out," one more time.

Woman With Blonde Highlights and Waves at The Salon
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Celebs, they're just like us. We typically don't susbcribe to that adage, but this time we've finally found something that we really do have in common and that's a fear of hair commitment.

We can't help but get the jitters when those shears come at us but, as any Southern woman will tell you, spring is the season when we find ourselves at odds as our trepidation and the nagging feeling that we need a change go head-to-head. After all, we're solidly within the transition to warmer, happier days; days when our pedi-popping footwear rightly takes its place in the sun and our porches come alive with pots of color and conversations aplenty. We crave a fresh ‘do in homage to shedding our winter coats but, there again is our unwelcome friend: our fear of hair commitment. This is where the big screen style set come in. It seems they've been in need of a new look too, but instead of lopping off their loose waves, they've decided to opt for a little bang instead.

Before you say that bangs are the greatest hair commitment of all (of which we're likely to agree), hear us out. We're talking face-framing fringe—you know, the kind that can effortless be swept aside and camouflaged with piecey layers if necessary. The kind that just dust the eye lashes for a sultry look, or act as an expert feature-softening trick when swooped over just right. See, we're not talking about those micro bangs that have a mind of their own and are unwilling to compromise. These are the people's bangs, and they're the quickest (and easiest) way to update your look for spring, without committing to the chop. We guarantee you won't get sick of these in two days and, just in case you do, they can easily be tucked in with the rest of your tresses like they were never even there to begin with. It's music to a commit-a-phobe's ears.

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So, when you swipe on that new petal pink lipstick and switch out your door wreath for one with a bit more pep, consider a little fringe to serve as the finishing touch.

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