Let’s just call this an updated take on the trend.
Bandana Headband
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These past six months many of us have been safely homebound. Some have been finding home-centric activities to keep themselves both happy and content like renewing a commitment to family dinners, doubling up on library checkouts, and cleaning into oblivion. We've seen a number of trends come and go throughout this time, banana clips, curtain bangs, and homemade crunchwraps among them, but a new hair accessory is taking the younger-set by storm and I can't help but think that moms are wearing it with quite a different effect right about now. Let's all get reacquainted with the bandana headband—a chic hair accessory for some, and one less thing to worry about for the rest of us.

That's right, the Rosie the Riveter-inspired look is back and not a moment too soon. We've got roots to mask, dirty hair to conceal, and we mean business. While the lives of some have slowed down, I guarantee moms who are working from home full time while also managing to homeschool will beg to differ. And, contrary to what you might have heard, she's a real human (read: not a superhero) who needs a break—and maybe an uninterrupted 30-minute bath accompanied by an adult beverage. She also needs a way to keep her hair out of her face while consulting over algebra homework one minute, answering what's for dinner the next, and finally submitting that excel file over to her boss that she was supposed to have sent over last night. All that to say, the moms are sporting trendy hair accessories a little differently these days and the bandana headband is probably the most useful one yet.

If you want to relive the glory days, take a scroll through the Pins below for the best ideas for what to do with that bandana when your hair regains priority status. For now, throw your hair up in another bun and tie on a bandana for good measure. It might not look quite like the trendy photo you've saved to your secret hair board, but you know these things are always up to interpretation.

Keep curls out of your face, but on full display, with a bandana wrapped just around the hairline.

Now here's a chic take on a messy bun. Let those tendrils fall loose for an effortless look.

Not a headband, but almost, and too cute not to share. We love the volume you can bring to an otherwise basic bun by wrapping a bandana around the base.

Of course you can't settle for one. Double up by looping two bandanas together and securing together at the nape of the neck. Go patriotic with blue and red, as seen above, or keep it monotone for a more subtle look.

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It's always such fun to see all of the hair and beauty trends that come and go—especially the ones that are making the rounds for a second or third time. Even if we aren't running out to the salon to get the latest cut or color, saving the inspiration can be quite the mood-boosting distraction.