My go-to tool for keeping frizz at bay.

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My go-to tool for keeping frizz at bay
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Wavy-haired girls like me know that our free-flowing tresses are both a blessing and a curse. While our moms remind us, "some girls pay money for those kind of curls," it's hard not to be jealous of our straight-haired friends with sleek, shiny, photo-ready locks that also require much less maintenance. Managing wavy hair—especially in Southern humidity—can be a nightmare without the right products and techniques.

Since middle school, I've been on the hunt for a tool to tame my thick, wavy hair. I've tried product after product, but they left me with crunchy ringlets or a greasy look. Other products enhanced my curls and amped up the volume—two things I don't want any more of. I've also tried to let my hair work out its waves on its own and not use any products, but that left me with a mop of frizz that immediately gets pulled back into a bun. My mission become finding a solution for fighting frizz that also required minimal effort on busy mornings. I've asked countless hairdressers over the years, and one finally suggested the perfect product.

I swear by Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother for controlling my wavy hair. It helps diminish frizz while also enhancing smoothness and boosting shine. My hair's texture becomes coarse when it air-dries without any product in it, but Aveda's Smooth Infusion formula gives my hair more softness as it dries naturally. It works to shield hair from humidity for up to 12 hours and keeps frizz at bay all day long—even during the summer. (Disclaimer: The product doesn't totally stop my hair from getting wavier or increasing in volume when I'm outside for extended periods of time in the heat and humidity.)

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I apply a nickel-size dollop to damp hair in the morning, and then I'm able to let my hair air-dry as I run out of the door on busy weekday mornings. It's an effortless fix for my crazy waves, and I know that my mane won't be out of control come lunchtime. I also use this versatile Aveda product before blow-drying and straightening my hair; it helps protect delicate strands from damaging hot tools.

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is a bit pricey ($25 for 3.4 oz.), but it lasts for a while since only a little is used at a time. It makes for a great stocking stuffer for those wavy-haired girls in your family.