Stand up to Southern humidity.

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Like many other reluctantly curly-haired girls, I have fought against my natural locks since middle school. I saved up my babysitting money in the seventh grade and purchased a flat iron from the drugstore to straighten out my spirals, but after just a few minutes of standing outside in the humid Alabama heat, they reverted right back to their original shape. (Picture Princess Diaries' Mia Thermopolis before Paolo's makeover.)

I used to set my alarm 45 minutes earlier in the mornings to blow-dry and straighten my hair before school or work, but that routine has gotten squashed in favor of snoozing my alarm or having enough time to stop by a coffee shop. (If there was a lazy girl's guide to taming curly hair, I'd be the number one reader.) Southern summers are also way too hot to be spent sweating over hot tools. Since I usually air-dry my hair on busy weekday mornings, I've been in search of a frizz-fighting product that won't leave my hair looking crunchy or increase its volume.

Enter Aveda's Be Curly Curl Controller. In the brand's signature pure-fume scent, this product contains babassu oil to loosen and lengthen curls and a corn-derived mixture to control frizz and volume. Start by squeezing a quarter-size dollop into your palm. Then, beginning at the ends, scrunch the product into wet hair, working your way up to the roots. Then follow the cardinal rule of air-drying curly hair: Don't touch it. Rubbing your fingers through your hair increases frizz, so leave your locks alone.

What could be a more manageable routine for busy mornings than that? Apply this leave-it-and-forget-it product on wet hair, and you'll have smooth, loose curls all day long. This also eliminates the need for using a blow-dryer and other hot tools, which helps protect hair from heat damage. And because Aveda's Be Curly Curl Controller won't increase my hair's volume, I'm more content to leave the house with my natural waves.