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Aveda Black Malva Shampoo
Credit: Aveda

Brunettes, we know you've probably read about blue shampoo and how it's the ultimate cure for unwanted undertones (think red or brassy), but we have a big truth to drop on you today: It's not right for everyone. If you're a deep brunette or have black hair you need to ditch the blue stuff and meet your new best tress friend—Aveda Black Malva.

Black Malva was one of the flagship products Aveda launched with 40 years ago. One whiff and you'll know why this stuff has been selling like hotcakes for so long. It's clean, light, and worthy of making every day a wash-and-style day. We just wish it also came in candle form.

Olfactory aside, there's more to this shampoo than meets the nose. It's a plant-based shampoo that works to gently cleanse both the hair and scalp while nixing the tones that tend to creep up on dark strands over time. You know that feeling when you look in the mirror and your color isn't looking quite right? Well, Black Malva is going to have you shouting hallelujah the next time you take a gander.

Not only is it a must-have for color-treated hair, but it also works just as well on natural deep brunette and black shades. It should be noted that Black Malva won't change the color of your hair aside from kicking out any unwelcome guests in the form of tones that are just a tad too warm. We'll just consider it the great neutralizer—and the quickest way to get our tresses back on track without the salon bill, or that tricky tip.

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