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This past year saw quite a few firsts for many of us as we embarked on life at home. Some tried their hand at baking bread for the first time. Others learned how to tint their brows—and what a revelation that was. Then there were those who mastered the art of covering their roots like never before. At first we were making do with camouflaging hair powders but, at some point you realize hiding three to four inches of growth is a battle one can't win with sprays and powders alone. That's where the great at-home hair color wave of 2020 came in. With salons closed, we scoured the shelves for shades that would help us make it through to a time when we would once again be reunited with our stylist's chair, many of us finding that coloring our hair at home wasn't so bad after all.

Garnier Hair Color commissioned a survey to pinpoint a few key takeaways from this past year's surge in at-home hair color. One of the most interesting stats? More than two-thirds of women plan to continue coloring their hair at home even after it's safe to return to salons. So how does one keep their look fresh without her trusty stylists to keep her informed of the latest and greatest hair trends? We tapped colorist and Garnier Hair Color expert Nikki Lee to share all the details on the hair color trends that will keep our tresses fresh for 2021. Just remember, trends come and go but you can never go wrong with a look you love—trend or not.

Bold Hues

It seems ladies are going bolder than ever when it comes to their hair color and 2021 has no signs of letting up on that front. What's spurring the rainbow-inspired locks? Lee thinks the fact that so many are continuing to work from home could be just the incentive to take the plunge. It's a surefire way to spice things up and have a little fun while our social calendars consist almost entirely of phone calls and video meetings.

Hilary Duff sports bold teal strands that makes quite the pair with her bubblegum-pink lip color. Lee suggests using Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Teal Forest to get the look.

Soft Blondes

Let's talk about subtle blonde shades. They were big in 2020, and they're continuing their hold well into 2021. "No one wants to deal with the stress of a high maintenance blonde right now," says Lee. "So instead of being a bright blonde, I think toning down a bit is going to be a big one for 2021." This isn't surprising coming off the popularity of 2020 in-salon highlight trends like balayage and shadow roots, which are designed to achieve more time between you and your next foil—but this time, you'll be taking matters into your own hands.

Take a little inspiration from Julianne Hough, Lee says the actress' return to her natural blonde roots is spot on.

Rich Brunettes

There's nothing like a deep, luxurious mane to give us all the hair envy. That shine and movement are the beauty goals we're resolved to reach for in 2021. "I think most of us will be staying away from the bleach and getting our hair healthy," says Lee. "An all-over brunette shade is just the answer for this year."

We'll keep you posted on the can't-miss hair trends to come this year. From cuts to color to the return of bangs (will they or won't they?), you can rest assured we'll have the hair chatter to get you through—even if you haven't seen a salon chair in ages.