Your Hair Stylist Just Called—This Is the Color Inspiration She Is Loving Right Now

A little bit warm, a little bit cool, a whole lot of just right

Ashy Brunette Hair
Photo: Pinterest

Listed at the top of our hobby list is perusing our favorite Instagram and Pinterest accounts for our next great hair moment. Whether we're lobbing, bobbing, highlighting, or fringing, the inspiration is endless. Last year around this time our obsession was of-the-moment mushroom brown hair. Now, we've found a slightly warmed-up version that's hitting all the right notes. Needless to say, our next cut and color is on the books—and it can't come soon enough.

What's the color du jour, you ask? It's a warm and cool blend that's perfect for any season. That's right, this one will be with you for the long haul. The face-framing pieces skew a bit more ashy, brightening up the face and keeping things fresh. Toward the crown, things heat up with richer tones that really make those blonde strands pop in a naturally sun-kissed way. It's like a symphony of strands, and we want an encore!

One of the top things to remember when choosing a new hair color is to never underestimate the importance of pairing it with the right cut. The wrong cut can make even the most brilliant color fall flat. We absolutely love how this piecey cut shows off the full range of hues, from the subtle ashy fringe to the darker under layers. The wispy ends are perfect for a thicker head of hair but, be forewarned, you might need to go a tad more blunt if you're of the thin-haired camp.

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Will you be giving this cut and color a go in 2019? We're looking forward to switching up our look and have a feeling this winning combination is just the ticket.

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