Goodbye, frizz.

By Jenna Sims
September 18, 2017
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Credit: Amika

Even though we're past the hottest days of summer, we still have awhile before those cooler winter temperatures start creeping in, bringing with them good hair days to those of us who tend to fight a losing battle with humidity the rest of the year. Before drying and straightening my wavy and frizzy hair, I often check the weather forecast to decide if it's even worth it. If the humidity is hovering around 90 percent or there's rain in the forecast, I usually just surrender to a ponytail for the day. Otherwise, as soon as I step outside, my strands will immediately revert to being frizzy and wavy. That is, until recently when I found The Shield Style Extending Spray by Amika. Now I don't attempt to dry and straighten my hair without it.

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Unlike some style-extending products that are applied as a finishing touch, this spray is activated by the heat from styling tools. It also has an amazing scent, and doesn't leave hair feeling greasy or oily like some finishing products I've tried in the past. To use, simply shake the can and lightly spray on damp or dry hair before styling. It's formulated to help hair stay straight for more than 24 hours, and it does just that. Alternatively, you can apply this spray to dry hair a day or two after washing to freshen up your look. Give your hair a quick pass with the blow dryer or desired heat tool after applying.

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