The Best Hairstyles You Can Air-Dry, According to Your Hair Type

length with face framing, hairstyles to air dry based on hair texture
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When it comes to our daily beauty routine, we're all about efficiency and ease. From waking up to walking out of the door, we don't have time to waste. Unfortunately, despite the time crunch, heat styling has been the norm for most Southern women for decades counting, with straight-haired ladies conjuring up curls and waves each morning and curly girls fiercely clamping the straightening iron. Lucky for us, skipping the styling tools that damage our strands and take up our coffee-drinking time has become quite on-trend as of late—and we are here for it. The first step begins from root to tip with the right haircut that'll coax your hair in the desired direction as it dries naturally. When finding the perfect cut, the most important thing to consider is your texture. Repeat after me: "I will not fight my texture." Cutting for your texture will keep those heat styling tools locked away tight in your drawer. After you find a cut that works for your texture and lifestyle, you need to take steps at home to protect your hair while it's drying. Silk pillowcases and microfiber towel turbans are essential for encouraging shine overnight and protecting your hair's texture while it dries. Embracing this no-styling lifestyle can be easier than you think and look much better than you imagine—just check out these gorgeous hairstyles that air-dry well. Don't get us wrong, we'll still be heat styling our hair every once in a while, but with a hairstyle that compliments our natural hair texture, we're all the more likely to feel like a laid-back cover star.

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For Wavy Hair: Layered Bob

layered bob, hairstyles to air dry based on your texture

For a short cut on wavy hair, a bob works great—but not just a one-length classic bob. In order to get the definition you want and avoid making your hair look weighed down, a stacked and layered bob will work the best. We suggest going a little more aggressive with product, using a styling mousse or foam will help you with volume control if you have fine hair, but this hairstyle is also great for thick hair. Once dry, you can use a texturizing spray to top off the look.

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For Wavy Hair: Shag

shag, air dry hairstyles

This layered look is ideal for wavy-haired gals who are looking to tame their flow into a retro style.

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For Wavy Hair: Layers on Layers

layers on layers, hairstyles for air drying based on hair texture

If you have wavy hair—or even that in-between straight and wavy texture—layers are the key to being able to air-dry without hassle or disaster. The trick is committing to lots of layers of varying lengths; and most importantly when you do style your hair, you should curl it to match your face shape with curls that frame your cheekbones or chin.

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For Wavy Hair: Chin-Grazing Bob

chin-grazing lob, hairstyles to air dry based on hair texture

If you have thin, wavy hair that you prefer to keep short, then a short bob may be your option. Unlike a layered bob, which will sometimes feature longer face-framing pieces, a short chin-grazing bob can create the allusion of thicker hair.

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For Wavy Hair: Lob

wavy lob, hairstyles to air dry based on hair texture

A lob isn't just for straight hair. It can work on practically any hair type when managed correctly. Ask your stylist for gentle texturizing on your ends for the look of layers without the actual commitment to them.

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For Straight Hair: Blunt Lob

blunt lob, hairstyles to air dry based on your hair type

Blunt ends can make straight hair, which often looks a little thinner, appear thicker. That's why we love a blunt-cut lob style. To make it look put-together, we suggest using a smoothing, frizz-fighting product like an oil or all-in-one heat protectant.

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For Straight Hair: No-Fuss Long

no fuss long, hairstyles to air dry based on your hair type

We have to say, we're mighty jealous of straight-haired ladies and their ability to keep long hair without adding a complicated styling routine. Some simple long layers will help you out. It's more about picking the right shower products to coax silky, straight strands if you're already naturally inclined.

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For Straight Hair: Retro Front Framing

retro front framing, air dry hairstyles

Ba-ba-bangs, baby! This hairstyle is like the curtain bang's older, more fun cousin. Face-framing is a great way to have a natural style no matter what shape your hair may be in.

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For Fine, Straight Hair: Ultra-Long

ultra long, hairstyles to air dry based on hair type

If your hair naturally doesn't hold a ton of frizz, then you can let it flow and grow to any length you want. Sometimes frizz on ultra-long hair lengths can result in an unkept look no matter how much you try to style it. But naturally smooth locks are in luck with this style!

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For Wavy or Straight Hair: Length with Face Framing

length with face framing, hairstyles to air dry based on hair texture

For thicker hair with a wavy or straight texture, you can never go wrong with a long hairstyle. Face-framing pieces can add dimension and interest to your hairstyle. When you air-dry this style be gentle with your towel. Excess ringing and twisting of your hair can result in breakage. It's best to also sleep with a silk pillowcase and allow your hair to at least halfway dry before sleeping on it.

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For Ringlet Curly Hair: Layered Shoulder-Length

layered shoulder length, hairstyles to air dry based on hair texture

It's always best to ask a hairstylist who's trained in cutting curly hair what kind of cut they suggest for your face shape and curl type. This shag-like cut brings tons of body and dimension to tight ringlet curls. When air-drying curly hair, a curl cream and leave-in conditioner will be your best friends.

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For Looser Curls: Medium-Length Styles

medium length styles, hairstyles to air dry based on hair texture

Some curl patterns will have patches of wavy or even straight hair rather than tight curls. You can always explain to your hairstylist how your hair naturally falls after drying so they have a better understanding of how to cut your hair. This cut on loose curls balances the client's sporadic curl pattern so that she doesn't have to worry about her curls drying into a different style after the cut.

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