The Flip Hairstyle Is Making a Comeback

Flip Hairstyle
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Made popular in the 1960s with the help of prominent figures like Jackie Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore, the flip hairstyle was one that defined the decade. Women would spend a significant amount of time and effort to create the perfect flip and make sure it lasted all day. The process started with freshly washed hair, included plenty of styling product, and of course the right set of rollers. Figuring out which way to roll each section of hair and how to properly brush out hair after it was dry took a good bit of practice and skill.

Like many other trends of the past that have made a comeback in recent years, we've seen the flip start to make its way back onto the scene. While the hair might not be quite as tall as it used to be, the flipped ends are starting to make a comeback—and we're here for it. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon have recently been spotted sporting the retro hairstyle with a few upgrades for a fresher feel. The 2019 version of the iconic hairstyle is more modern, starting with sleeker strands and not quite as much emphasis on the roots.

While the 1960s version of the classic style may have taken a lot of skill and time to achieve, the hair styling tools we have today make the look much easier to pull off. You can simly use a straightener (we love this one with extra-long plates for quick styling) to flip hair out and style your ends in just seconds or use a round brush with a hair dryer to achieve the look. To make sure your hair retains the shape of the flip, you'll want to apply a styling mousse before applying heat and finishing with hairspray.

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With the convenience of modern hair styling tools on our side, we're off to channel our inner Jackie Kennedy and recreate this classic look for ourselves.

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