A great haircut that puts an extra spring in your step is always money well spent.


Time for a new cut? Prices can vary depending on where you live, the salon you frequent, and the type of hairstyle you request. Here's everything to know about what you'll pay at the salon.

According to a 2016 study by the financial services and mobile payment company, Square, the nationwide average price for a haircut differs by gender. For men, the national average is $34. For women, the nationwide average is $44. But the average price also varies widely per city. Big cities like New York and San Francisco are the priciest because the cost of doing business in these areas is much greater. These locales also attract some of the most ambitious talent in the country, and they expect premium quality services for the premium price they pay.

Washington D.C. is the city that boasts the highest average price for haircuts, with rates averaging $78 for women and $61 for men. While some people may be willing to spend as much as $800 for their best hair. In smaller, less populated states, the prices are much more affordable. The lowest recorded average for women is $15 in Maine. Meanwhile, men can find the biggest bargain, on average, in Hawaii for $16.

The cost of a haircut also depends on the reputation of the salon and the stylist who cuts your hair. Master stylists command a higher price tag, but booking an appointment with one of the salon's other stylists can be a reasonably priced alternative depending on the stylist's level of experience. For example, at Arrojo Studio in NYC's Soho district, a cut by celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo himself will set you back $500, but a cut with any of their other specially trained staff ranges from $85-$205.

As for the type of style, whether you go for a simple trim or a drastic change, the price really depends on how much hair you're chopping. If you have long hair but want to go for the ultra-chic pixie cut that many celebs are sporting this season, the cost could total to $105 at Fox and Jane salon in New York.

For a less radical style, a long bob can be just as refreshing and would cost $85 at the same salon. An additional blowout and styling would add $50-$95 to your bill. Only need a bang trim? It might be free, depending on how close you are with your stylist.

Whatever the actual price tag may be, a great haircut for an extra spring in your step is always money well spent.