Powder, who? 

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
August 01, 2019
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Credit: Glossier

When it comes to applying makeup, the hierarchy is definitive. At the top, we've settled on a trio of hardworking products, each one sturdy enough to stand on its own, without any other products, if absolutely necessary.

First, concealer is the must-have base. It hides dark circles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and all the dead bodies (kidding!). Mascara is the second-in-command. It makes us look bright-eyed and fully awake even if the coffee hasn't hit yet. Finally, blush is the secret weapon. It feigns that natural flush known only to the most youthful and, of course, breathless raconteurs. (Cherubs aren't rosy-cheeked for nothing.) We're not even broaching the rank of lip color, seeing as we currently have about five options floating in today's purse alone.

Eye shadow? Most wouldn't consider it top-tier, and we tend to agree—until we found the most perfect non-eye-shadowy eye shadow of all time. If you're the type of makeup-wearer that finds eye shadow superfluous at best, consider Glossier Lidstar your new top-tier product.

Lidstar, cult-favorite Glossier's first-ever eye shadow, somehow strikes the difficult balance of being perfect for makeup minimalists, average Josephines, and out-there beauty testers alike.

What makes it unique? It's a cream eye shadow that 1) goes on easily with a doe-foot applicator, 2) coats eyelids in a wash of shimmery, barely-there color, and 3) dries down to a sheer finish that stays put all day and doesn't settle into your crease.

Basically it's an eye shadow unicorn, which has us asking, "Where do we saddle up?"

Pick from six creamy, shimmery colors that range from everyday wearables like "Moon" (an opalescent cream) and "Cub" (a warm rose gold) to eye-popping hues like "Herb" (a smoky golden green) and "Lily" (a sheer lilac). We're partial to the versatile shade "Fawn," a cool smoky taupe.

To apply, dab on product with the doe-foot applicator and blend out with your fingers. If you're trying to make the long-lasting color even more formidable, prep the eyelid with primer and finish with setting spray.

We're putting more and more distance between us and the days when powder eye shadow was the norm, and that's fabulous news for eye-shadow haters. Cream-based formulas are easier to apply, more portable, and longer-lasting.

Glossier Lidstar ($18) gives what we can only describe as the elusive "glow" everyone won't stop talking about—and if you can't beat them?

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Plus, there's a reason Mama always told us to dampen the shadow brush before applying powder eye shadow to help it stay longer. She's ahead of her time.