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While I love the trend of perfectly manicured brows, the idea tends to be a tad unrealistic for many of us. For those who aren't blessed with naturally full eyebrows, the brow look du jour is almost impossible to achieve without growth serums, chalky pencils, or constant tweezing. That's where Glossier comes in.

If you haven't already heard about Glossier, it's a brand that has quickly become known for its easy-to-apply products that pretty much coined the no-makeup makeup trend. The sleek pink-jelly logo and holographic makeup tubes feel straight out of the 90s, a time when young millennials – now Glossier's primary market – were collecting soda-flavored lip balms. And it's hard to deny that Glossier's birthday cake balm dotcom lip salve tastes like an adult Lip Smacker.

But Glossier's nostalgic products aren't just for millennials. The brand relentlessly asserts that every woman can embrace the all-natural look, no matter her age or her skin tone. And Glossier's specialty? The timeless yet long-underserved area of eyebrow products.

Glossier Brow Flick and Boy Brow Duo
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I've been using Glossier's cult-favorite brow product, Boy Brow, for years. In typical fashion, I first learned about the product from my little sister, whose many years as a competitive cheerleader turned her into an expert in all things makeup. The brow pomade does everything I never even knew I needed—it smooths and holds my eyebrows in place with a subtle, pigmented gel. Even on days when I'm running out the door, or when my sore eyes just cannot take a swipe of eyeliner, I never fail to quickly swoop on a bit of blond Boy Brow. Individually priced at $16, it's an affordable solution to your eyebrow woes.

As much as I swear by Boy Brow, it fails to solve the problem of my patchy brow pattern. Boy Brow smooths, fluffs, and tames, but it does not completely fill in my eyebrows, and it's not meant to. I often find myself supplementing with a clunky eyebrow pencil much too dark for my blonde brows. Now, Glossier has another solution.

Glossier gives the tired eyebrow pencil a much-needed upgrade with its new product, Brow Flick. This eyebrow detailing pen, individually priced at $18, was designed to work in partnership with Boy Brow to fill in those pesky eyebrow gaps with precise, hair-thin strokes. And so far, customers have been loving it.

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Brow Flick's feats include its ability to deliver incredibly natural, hair-like strokes to fill in patchy areas of your brows. The sheer formula helps ensure a subtle look—aka, you won't destroy your brows with one rogue stroke. It comes in blond, brown, and black shades to complement Boy Brow's offerings.

"It's nicely pigmented without looking too opaque on your brows, and it's water resistant so it won't sweat off in the summer humidity," InStyle remarks. A brow product that can withstand Southern heat? Hallelujah!

The best part? Newly-released Brow Flick and classic Boy Brow are now available as a discounted set for just $30. For your two new everyday beauty products, we think it's quite a steal. The pair is meant to be used together, and they may just be the cutest couple around.