Jump on these hot pants ASAP.
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Does just thinking about the cold weather make you cold? Do you love being in nature in the winter months? Skiing enthusiast? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, do we have the pants for you. Ditto if someone in your life fits the bill and you're looking for a practical holiday present for them this year.

Allow us to unveil to you Fernida's Heated Pants, available on Amazon Prime for $73.99. Complete with a USB port, you simply plug these functional trousers into a power bank (not included) via the pants' USB plug and set your preferred level of warmth: Low (104-113°F), medium (113-120°F), or for those ultra chilly days, high (120-130°F). Whether you're embarking on a long bike ride in the cold weather or simply need something extra warm and cozy to wear around the house, users will enjoy three heating pads on the back of the pants to keep them toasty. When you're ready to clean them, the pants are machine washable.

FERNIDA Heated Pants USB Electric Thermal Heating Trousers Cold-Proof Bottom Men/Women
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

As one satisfied customer wrote, "My husband is always cold. Seriously. Always. I bought him a couple of heated sweatshirts, which he loves, but his legs still got cold, I ordered these pants for him for Christmas and he still thanks me for them on a regular basis." A happy husband in the gift department? We'll definitely take it—along with a pair of pants for ourselves, too.

For Southerners who live in mountain towns, we also have a feeling these pants will come in handy during warmer portions of the year when temperatures still drop quite dramatically at night. And for Southerners who live by their fireplaces, we think we might have just found you the perfect accessory.

We may just buy two pairs so we always have a pair of hot, ahem, heated pants at the ready. See you in Cozy-Ville.