Face Halo

We count on our makeup remover a lot. But truth is, we don't give them that much thought. Honestly, as long as it works, we're happy. That's until we came across Face Halo, a fuzzy little pad poised to take over the makeup world. Face Halo are chemical-free, environmentally-friendly, one-step makeup removers that combine the natural cleansing power of water with microfiber technology to provide a non-toxic replacement for those tired wipes, pads and lotions. Seriously: just wet it and BAM! It's tiny and powerful, and more importantly, it lasts. Each pad has an impressive life cycle of 200 washes.

Co-founders and long-time friends Lizzy Pike and Rebecca Williamson invented Face Halo after Rebecca confessed to regularly skipping makeup removal before bedtime because the process was so tedious. Determined to solve this age-old problem, the ladies began sourcing different combinations of textiles before stumbling on a high-performance material they dubbed HaloTech Fiber, an ultra-fine material 100 times finer than a strand of human hair. Seriously. HaloTech Fibers lift and trap makeup and impurities from the skin into a fiber network, which are only released when the pad is washed with warm water and liquid soap or detergent. Plus, it's white so you can clearly see the results.

Face Halo

"Face Halo is a revolutionary product and every woman who has tried it has been blown away", Williamson said in a release. "It will attract women who want to avoid chemicals, others who are environmentally-conscious, some who like the value its reusability offers, while others will simply appreciate how soft and plush it feels."

Sound too good to be true? Early reviews suggest Face Halo is the real deal.

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"I'm here to say it's not a gimmick—and it works far better than I expected it to," writes Refinery29's Alix Tunnell, who refers to Face Halo as a ShamWow for your face. "It gets off every last speck of foundation and mascara in 30 seconds with less rubbing than I normally do with my cleanser, and my skin feels cleaner and softer and less tight."

Try is for yourself: Face Halo is available now on Packs of 3 retail at $22.