Over 35,000 Amazon Reviewers Swear By This $5 Lengthening Mascara

Best-ever lashes on a budget.

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If I were ever told I had to pack up my most precious items and move to a deserted island, I'd count mascara as a necessity and pack it right alongside the first-aid kit. On my most tired days, a great mascara seems to be able to completely brighten up my expression in a few quick spoolie swipes. Whether your preference is to lengthen, add volume, or make your lashes extra curled, the best mascaras can help accentuate your natural lashes and raise up your confidence level in seconds, which is why I'm always on the hunt for a new fix.

As it turns out, the number one best-selling mascara on Amazon is not only from a brand many might not have ever heard of or come across on the beauty aisles, but it's somehow even less expensive than most drugstore favorites. Essence Cosmetics' Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara has nearly 36,000 customer reviews overall, of which thousands are five-star—so consider me on notice.

This mascara, in particular, has garnered quite the strong fandom over the years due to its long-lasting, lengthening, and volumizing formula that many swear goes well beyond the price point. When comparing this drugstore mascara to other beloved but pricier products—like department store classics and Sephora favorites—happy shoppers found Lash Princess to be higher quality despite the lower price.

One five-star review reads: "I gave this to three friends for Christmas. I told them nothing about the mascara other than that it was supposed to be one of the best ones on the market. Hands down, they declared it the best mascara they had ever used...Their jaws dropped when I told them it was $4.99."

Not dealing with in-store hassle is appealing enough, and the brand now offers a waterproof formula to appease even the busiest, longest-wearing shoppers. I've always heard that you should get a new mascara every three months, which might become way more realistic for me now at less than five dollars a pop.

SHOP IT: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, $4.99; amazon.com

Grab that eyelash curler and get to business. There are long lashes to be swiped and Amazon is already on the way.

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