We're only a little bit jealous...Okay, a lot. 

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
Elizabeth Taylor Did Her Granddaughter’s Makeup for Prom
Credit: Keystone Features/Getty Images

Prom is one of those life moments when you pull out all the stops, from the baby's breath corsage to the white stretch limo. It's safe to say, though, that no amount of pomp and circumstance can rival having your grandmother do your hair and makeup…especially when your grandmother is Elizabeth Taylor, a.k.a. she who was once dubbed "the most beautiful woman in the world."

That's how Eliza Carson got ready for her junior and senior proms. She's the daughter of Maria Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's daughter; and she recently gave us a peek into her very special relationship with her famously famous "granny."

The pair had a closeness that felt part girlfriend when gossiping about boys and watching movies in bed, part fairy godmother when important moments, like high school prom, rolled around.

"When my grandmother began getting me ready for prom, she threw on some music and sat me down at her vanity," Carson told Southern Living. "Moisturizer was a must and came immediately after a clean face, followed by eye shadow, brows, light foundation, and lipstick, which of course I didn't dare leave the house without having in my purse. In fact, I still have one of her red lipsticks to this day."

What look did the beauty icon choose? Fittingly, her signature.

"My grandmother was the queen of the smoky eye," said Carson. "Looking back at my old prom photos, I see that she did a very light and natural smoky eye for me in shades of brown, with a pink lip and light rose blush."

For a woman who was known for being dolled up at all times, dripping in diamonds and plenty of eyeliner, something tells us it was a piece of cake.

In fact, when a video went viral a couple years ago showing Taylor absolutely nail a smoky eye in seconds, we simultaneously bowed down and started taking notes. Mario Dedivanovic, famed Hollywood makeup artist, posted the clip and summed up our thoughts exactly when saying: "She did that eye in seconds with that tiny brush. Shadow, crease, and liner. Boom."

There's no hesitation, just tangible confidence, in every swipe. That's the (beauty) mark of a true legend.

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If Liz Taylor's violet eyes, perfectly arched eyebrows, thick double lashes, and glossy red lips aren't the definition of fabulous, it's time to throw out the dictionary. As for her granddaughter, Eliza Carson, she received a beauty lesson has lived on well past prom night.