Subtle but game-changing. 

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
August 14, 2019
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Eye Shadow to Make You Look Younger
Credit: @katiejanehughes

If there was one product that claimed to turn back time, honest to goodness, we wouldn't believe a word it said. But we'd also slam our finger down to "submit order" faster than greased lightning. Can't hurt, right?

Generally, Southern women like to embrace all that nature blesses us, including age—but sometimes it blesses us with fine lines and wrinkles far too soon for our liking. That's when we call in the cavalry. We're talking retinol to refine, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, vitamin C for glow, and Pinot for sanity. Not necessarily in that order.

What we can't conjure we conceal. We're masters of anti-aging makeup secrets that range from how to apply foundation correctly to which eyeliner technique to use, and now we're back with a quick eye makeup tweak that everyone should make. Like, right now.

It's time to stop wearing powder eye shadow. There, we said it. If you were hoping for something straight from the mouth of Ponce de León himself, we're sorry to disappoint. We've yet to get ahold of him at the fountain of youth. Instead we're here to talk about cream eye shadow.

Making the switch from powder to cream eye shadow gives back your youthful glow with every creamy, hydrating swipe. This all comes down to the fact that hydrated skin becomes more and more of a distant memory as we get older. That's why we apply the creams and the serums; we want the dewy glow, and we want it bad.

The truth is that oily skin is something the young want to fix and the mature want to get back. As we age, our face starts naturally producing less sebum (along with collagen), which leads to drier skin that requires more to quench. The delicate skin around your eyes? It gets hit full-force by time. It's already thin and discolored, and now it's dry, too. Being a girl is fun, huh?

Powder eye shadow feels like what we imagine chewing on a gluten-free vegan biscuit tastes like, which is: slightly chalky, stale, and all-around uncomfy. In this scenario, cream eye shadows are the piping-hot buttermilk biscuits. Obviously.

Powder eye shadow settles into fine lines and wrinkles while it simultaneously seeps whatever moisture you have left. Mama even used to tell us to dampen the shadow brush before applying it to make it more pigmented and long-lasting. Why not eliminate the middle man?

Besides being more hydrating and glowy than their powdery counterparts, cream-based formulas are easier to apply, more portable, and longer-lasting. You'll find it in a tube, like cult-favorite Glossier Lidstar ($18) or Milk Makeup Eye Pigment ($24), and you'll also find it in a miniature pot or compact.

If you're looking for a drugstore tester, try Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Leather 24HR Cream Gel Eye Shadow ($7) for the longest-wear finish. If you're fully convinced, go big with Tom Ford Crème Color for Eyes ($46) for a luxurious, smudge-free formula.

But don't throw out your old stuff yet. Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes (above)—who happens to be the ultimate glow-getting expert—recommends mixing cream and powder shadows for the ultimate dewy look.

Now dab, blend, and get your glow back, sister. Using cream eye shadow will have you looking ten years younger. In fact, tell Ponce de León to call us. We should pass along the hot tip.

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Aging skin? Keep the situation thoroughly situated at all times by making this simple eye shadow tweak.