Southerners take pride in always looking their best, and the royals are no different! Princess Kate and her beautiful babies have great style, but how much does it actually cost to get their elegant look? One of Princess Kate’s staple wardrobe pieces is the wrap dress. She’s worn it to several high-class events, and you can get a very similar style on Amazon for less than $25. Of course, every great dress deserves a fabulous heel. Nude pumps are a classic and stylish choice. Get a gorgeous pair by Nine West at Zappos for $69. Everyone knows that Princess Kate loves her striped tops, and you can get her favorite one at Macy's by Ralph Lauren for $55. If you’re hoping for a more inexpensive option, L.L. Bean has a similar style for $30. You simply can’t go wrong with a royally chic pair of skinny jeans. Old Navy as a stylish pair for $40. There you have it! You can dress like a royal without breaking the bank.

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