It's Of-fish-al! Coddies Are the Ridiculous Sandals Dad Needs This Summer

He’ll fall for them hook, line, and sinker.

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Coddies Fish Flip Flops
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For dads who aren't afraid to make a big style statement, the fashion net is cast far and wide: Think mosquito-repellant hats that shrug off bugs and buoyant loafers that redefine business casual. But one California-based brand pulls that net even farther out to sea. Meet Coddies, the Fish Flip Flops that are exactly what your Southern dad needs for his beach/river/lake trip this summer.

Coddies' Original Fish Flip Flops are slide-on sandals that, you guessed it, look just like fish. The green-bass-shaped kicks are designed so that Dad's toes peek out of their (seemingly) biologically-accurate large mouths—not disconcerting at all—and his feet rest atop a non-slip sole made from lightweight, non-toxic material that can be easily rinsed off after a long day of summer adventures. (BUY IT: $24;

Made in the USA, Coddies' fishy fins come in a variety of species, from silver mackerel to goldfish to pink salmon, and they're designed for unisex wear, in case Mom wants to get in on the seafaring fun. (Psst! Kids' sizes are available too.)

Coddies fish flip flops

With more than 4,000 5-star reviews, the Original Fish Flip Flops are sure to make a splash, wherever you wear them (beach, pool, grocery store…church?). One Amazon reviewer writes, "Honestly this is one of my most prized purchases. It draws admiration from people everywhere I go and people ask for my autograph. My 4-year-old insists I wear them daily and I'm ordering a pair for her now so we can match and impress the adoring masses that already follow me around. 10 out of 10 recommend. These will change your life. Also, they fit true to size and are quite comfy. They even have the fish print on the bottoms and 3D fins on the sides."

If the promise of fresh-caught celebrity isn't enough to convince you to buy them for Dad, let this: Coddies donates a percentage of profits to marine conservation organizations. Call it a fin-win.

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