It doesn't have to cost a fortune to give that 'do some extra-special magic.
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It can take a lot of dough to put love into our locks. What's the best way to brush away excess costs? According to Real Simple, here are three cheap ways to fix hair care mistakes.

Nothing feels better than a soothing face mask, but your hair can majorly benefit from a mask of its own. Give your face a break and start masking your mane! Considering your hair is made up of keratin, like your skin, it could use similar treatments. So while you're picking up facial care products, throw in a jar of coconut oil for just seven bucks! Buy it here on Amazon.

The dollars tend to really pile up at salon visits. It's time to stop spending so much on your tresses at the salon! Use that money to upgrade your products at home instead. Less expensive items can damage your hair, so invest in quality shampoo to keep it shinier and healthier! Although it's more than the bargains at the drugstore, $28 is a lot less than that visit to your stylist. Buy OLAPLEX here from Sephora, and cut down time between expensive salon visits.

You could be causing damage to your hair when it's wet, which will ensure you spend money repairing it. Be kind to your wet hair! That's when it's at its most vulnerable. Running your average brush through wet hair causes it to break or split. Purchase a wide-tooth comb for a gentler sweep. This shower comb is all yours for only $5!

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to give that ‘do some extra-special magic. With these easy tips, you'll save tons of money and have healthier, shinier hair.