5 Bronzer Mistakes That Are Secretly Making You Look Older

Go for the glow, but don't make these blunders.

Aging naturally and gracefully has become much more on trend than feeling the need to hide the well-earned tells of time, and now makeup and skin-care can be seen as ways to feel good and complement your features, no matter your age. While there are plenty of serums, oils, or moisturizers that promise to enhance—not change or conceal—your face, makeup also provides the perfect confidence boost that can be swiped on or off at any time.

Bronzer in particular has a unique ability to mimic the sun-kissed glow that often comes with spending time in the sun during childhood and as a young adult. With all those happy memories, it's easy to see how the bronzed healthy look has also become synonymous with staying youthful. When used correctly, bronzer can add major radiance to your complexion. However, other times, it can have an unintended effect on your skin.

We've gathered a list of 5 common bronzer beauty mistakes that can be unintentionally aging on all faces.

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Bronzer Mistake #1: Using too much

It's easy to get excited when applying bronzer. Who doesn't want a just-off-the-beach glow? Yet, it's important to be strategic with your placement and is always a good idea to stick to areas where the sun would naturally hit: forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and the top of the nose. Otherwise, it can look unnatural and even emphasize hyper-pigmentation.

Bronzer Mistake #2: Picking the wrong shade

Using a bronzer shade that's too dark for your complexion can appear overly faux. Mature skin is more complemented by subtle bronzer definition, and using too much darkness can emphasize texture or fine lines. Avoid this by choosing a bronzer that's no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Bronzer Mistake #3: Only using powder

Mature skin is more prone to showing signs of dehydration, loss of collagen, or dullness; and powder can enhance their appearance or further dry out the skin. Consider swapping out your go-to powder bronzer for a liquid variety that adds hydration and dewiness. Liquid bronzers and blushes also can settle more smoothly over wrinkles and fine lines.

Bronzer Mistake #4: Skipping primer

Makeup primer can work wonders on mature complexions, especially for those with fine lines. It helps to keep makeup from settling into any texture or dryness as you wear it. Primer ensures that your bronzer stays in place and doesn't crease into signs of aging.

Bronzer Mistake #5: Going heavy on shimmer

Shimmery bronzer can be enticing for an instant glow, but it can be less flattering on mature skin, emphasizing rather than complementing fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. Opt for shimmer-free bronzer. If desired, use highlighter instead for a slight glow just subtly over the very top of the cheekbones.

Go for the glow with these tips, and you'll be feeling bronzed and ready for any occasion.

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