No Wardrobe Is Complete Without a White T-Shirt—These Are 8 of the Best

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White Tees
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The perfect white T-shirt looks a little different to everyone. Some prefer theirs to fit snug, others like a flowy silhouette, and more still go for cropped, boxy options. No matter how you prefer your basic tees, there's no denying that they're a wardrobe staple. You can wear them with cut-off jeans, midi skirts, blazers, and even underneath cute dresses for a more casual look. But which white T-shirt is truly the best?

To get to the bottom of this age-old question, we tapped our own resources to get the inside scoop on which brands sell the best white tees and what styles are worth ordering. Ahead, discover the white T-shirts that 12 editors swear by. There are fitted tees, cropped tops, tanks with shoulder pads, flowy T-shirts, and more from an array of brands. Think Hanes, Madewell, Everlane, Banana Republic, and J.Crew.

How to shop for the perfect white t-shirt

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a white T-shirt. Fit is first: Determine whether you're looking for a relaxed style, something more fitted, or a boxy option. Next, think about the fabric. Most of the styles on this list are made of cotton, but take weight and breathability into account. Are you hoping for something lightweight to wear during the summer, or something with a bit more heft to wear to the office? Finally, consider how durable you need your new T-shirt to be. Some white tees show discoloration over time and will need to be replaced regularly, so take that into account when looking at prices.

Ready to shop? Keep scrolling to learn more about our favorite white T-shirts. Your new go-to top is just a few clicks away.

Most Affordable

Hanes Women's Perfect Crewneck T-Shirt

Hanes Women's Perfect-T


The Fit: Order your regular size

How We Tested: Worn with casual and formal clothes over the last two years

You'll Love: How well it holds up over time

Keep in Mind: The cut is tailored but not tight

"I've paired this shirt with almost everything in my closet over several seasons. Besides the flattering cut, the affordable price point on this shirt cannot be beat. It's also incredibly versatile: It's the kind of T-shirt that's casual enough to wear with shorts and sweatpants yet simple enough to pair with office-ready pants and party-ready skirts. And it holds up well over time. I've spilled on it several times, but every time I wash it, it comes out of the machine looking like new." — Jessica Leigh Mattern, Senior Amazon Ecommerce Editor

Best Oversized

Aerie Distressed V-Neck Boyfriend T-Shirt

Aerie Distressed V-Neck Boyfriend T-Shirt


The Fit: Oversized; consider sizing down

How We Tested: Years of frequent wear

You'll Love: Its versatility and soft fabric

Keep in Mind: Discoloration and pilling might occur if you wear and wash consistently

"I buy a couple of these shirts every 12 to 18 months depending on how much I've worn them out. They're meant to be oversized, so I order one size down. Expect a super soft, broken-in feel from the start. If you need a few white tees that feel great right away, get these, but be warned: They get discolored easily and stains are hard to get out. They also start to pill after a few dozen washes." — Ariel Scotti, Ecommerce Partnerships Writer

Best Activewear

Outdoor Voices Ready Set Short Sleeve

Outdoor Voices Ready Set Short Sleeve

The Fit: Runs small (consider ordering one size up)

How We Tested: Worn occasionally for more than two years

You'll Love: It's breathable and sweat-wicking

Keep in Mind: It's a bit sheer

"I'm usually a medium, but I wear this shirt in a size large since it runs small and I prefer my T-shirts looser. It's incredibly breathable and wicks away sweat super fast. I love that it's slightly cropped but not so much that I'm flashing my belly button, and it's perfect for wearing under dresses and overalls. I've washed it countless times, and it has held up really well. Of course, it makes for an excellent workout top, too. The only con is that it's more sheer than other cotton T-shirts, so I have to be mindful about which bra I wear under it." — Nina Huang, Lifestyle Ecommerce Writer

Best Pre-Shrunk

Mott & Bow Fitted Crew Marcy T-Shirt

Mott & Bow Fitted Crew Marcy T-Shirt

Mott & Bow

The Fit: Order your go-to size for fitted tops

How We Tested: Worn at least once every two weeks for about a year

You'll Love: The soft fabric that doesn't pill

Keep in Mind: It may lose its crisp white color over time

"I've owned this T-shirt for about a year, and it's my go-to for layers under jean jackets, sweaters, and blazers. The fabric is unbelievably soft but doesn't pill over time like other T-shirts I've worn. The fit is perfection, too. It hugs around the neck, which ensures it's easy to layer under other items. However, it's still loose enough around the stomach that it has a casual, laidback look that can be really hard to find. Like all white tees, it's slowly lost the bright, crisp white color that I love. It's nothing a little bleach won't fix—but who really wants to do that? If you need an everyday tee that you can wear for literally everything, this is your pick." — Braelyn Wood, Health and Wellness Ecommerce Lead

Most Classic

Madewell Northside Vintage Tee

Madewell Northside Vintage Tee

The Fit: True to size

How We Tested: Three years of regular wear

You'll Love: The classic look and affordable price

Keep in Mind: It's prone to pit stains over time

"I've had this shirt for about three years and have truly worn it to death. It goes with trousers, skirts, and jeans, and it even works as an undershirt beneath scratchy sweaters in the winter time. In fact, I'm due to order another one to replenish my stock since the shirt does get those dreaded yellow pit stains after a while. If you're looking for an affordable closet staple, this is it." — Christie Calucchia, Lifestyle Ecommerce Lead

Best Relaxed Fit

Everlane Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

Everlane Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

The Fit: Slightly cropped but true to size

How We Tested: A few months of casual wear

You'll Love: You can order three shirts in this style for $60

Keep in Mind: It has a sturdy construction that may feel hot on warm days

"I've had this shirt only a few months, but it's quickly become a favorite. It washes well (no shrinkage or pilling), has a boxy, relaxed fit, and is available with or without a pocket. However, it's not a tissue-thin tee, so it might not be best for super hot days. The style is slightly cropped but still perfect for doing a slight tuck in high-waisted denim and skirts. It's a great length for me (being tall and smaller chested), but the cropped length may not work for large-chested wearers. Overall, it's a great choice for someone who wants a tee that's high quality, office appropriate, and good for the planet while still being affordable (especially when you take advantage of the three for $60 deal)." — Laura Miller, Editor and Strategist, Performance Content

Biggest Splurge

AYR The Supercool T-Shirt

AYR The Supercool T-Shirt


The Fit: Size down for a more fitted look

How We Tested: Over two years of regular wear

You'll Love: The unique cut and cooling Peruvian pima cotton material

Keep in Mind: It's a little expensive for a plain white tee

"The cut of this splurge-worthy T-shirt isn't like every other basic tee out there. Its collar lays right on mine, and the sleeves are a whisper longer than cap length. I can let it hang loose over a pair of bike shorts, or I can tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans (either French or all the way). And then there's that distinctive seam down the center of the back. Plus, it's made of 100% Peruvian pima cotton, which is so soft, naturally cooling, and very opaque in this case. While I usually buy medium or large size from other brands, I like the way this boxy, oversized tee fits me in a small—it all depends on how you want it to fit. It's just the thing for anyone who wants a soft, structured basic from a woman-led brand that's garnered the attention of celebrities." — Laura Gurfein, Senior Editor, Ecommerce

Best Cropped

Mott & Bow Boxy Semi-Crop Noble T-Shirt

Mott & Bow Boxy Semi-Crop Noble T-Shirt

Mott & Bow

The Fit: Size up if you have a longer torso

How We Tested: A month of wear

You'll Love: The lived-in look

Keep in Mind: It might hang a little short on those with longer torsos

"I sized up for length when I purchased this T-shirt, and I'm glad I did because I don't like clingy tees. It skims the body and looks classic and lived-in for the perfect fit. But if you have a longer torso, it may be too short because it has a cropped length that hits right at the hip on me (and I'm pretty short). Still, it's a great option for most anyone looking for a classic T-shirt made for a woman's body." — Jennifer Chan, Ecommerce Editor/Writer


  1. How do I keep white T-shirts looking like new?

While some people no longer separate their laundry, you can help white T-shirts maintain their original color by washing them with other white pieces of clothing. You can also prevent bright whites from dulling over time by using plenty of detergent (too little can cause dirt to stick around). If stains appear, be sure to pre-treat them before tossing affected clothes in the washing machine.

2. How do I prevent armpit stains?

Unless you want to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant, pesky yellow pit stains on a white tee are almost inevitable over time. You can keep them at bay by washing your shirt right away after every use or by using a stain remover. Many suggest using a DIY mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water to remove stains from your favorite white T-shirts, but there are store-bought options, too.

3. What type of detergent is best for maintaining that crisp white color?

You can buy detergent specifically designed for white clothing, like Out White Brite Laundry Whitener, but using the right amount of detergent is more important than what type.

4. What's the best way to treat makeup stains around the collar?

A mix of laundry detergent, baking soda, and cold water should do the trick. If it's a tough stain, consider soaking the shirt overnight and adding hydrogen peroxide to the solution.

5. How should I wash and dry a white T-shirt?

The best way to wash a white T-shirt varies. It's best to read the instructions on the tag of your tee to determine whether you should hand wash or machine-wash and if it's safe to put in the dryer.

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