Clean vanity, clean conscience.

By Mary Shannon Wells
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Jerrybox 360 Degree Makeup Organizer
Credit: Amazon

It's almost February, and many resolutions, although well-intentioned, have gone out the door. If one of your resolutions was to get organized, cleaning out cluttered spaces is one of the best ways to feel accomplished. Bathroom counters and vanities can get especially messy, which becomes even more cumbersome in a tiny apartment or shared bathroom. That's why we're ordering this incredible beauty organizer.

Whether you have a roommate rolling her eyes at your less-than-neat side of the bathroom or Mama is coming over and will inspect every room of the house or you're looking to tidy up in little ways here and there, the Jerrybox makeup organizer is the way to clean that countertop right up. Because of its 360-degree rotation, it's basically a Lazy Susan for beauty products. With 360 degrees of product space, you'll get more storage than a one-sided organizer. Although it's compact, the Jerrybox makeup organizer can fit dozens of products, whether makeup brushes, skincare, or toiletries.

Everything in your makeup bag isn't the exact same size, so makeup organizers shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. You might need a small space for bottles of eye serum, concealer, or nail polish but a tall one for hairspray, body lotion, or setting spray, so you can customize the Jerrybox makeup organizer to fit your personal products. It has six adjustable layers, so you can set the height of each shelf. Assembly is required, but that's where the freedom of customization lies, and there's no glue, tools, or complicated instruction manuals. Simply put the bases together and slide four trays in whichever height slots you choose. One downfall is that you can't insert more than one tray in each slot, so no two trays can be the same height.

Other than the requirement of staggered tray heights, which could actually be considered a positive, there's not much to gripe about with the Jerrybox makeup organizer. Its parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily take it apart, wash it, and put it back together. It comes in white, black, and transparent, and there are a few styles as well. The "flower" style has scalloped edges for a girlier look, and the tower option is even taller than the traditional circle option. The varying colors, sizes, and shapes of the Jerrybox 360 degree organizer dominate Amazon's bestseller list for makeup organizers, and they all have ratings higher than four stars.

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If your bathroom counter or vanity needs an organizational overhaul, you only need one tool. The Jerrybox makeup organizer will make your countertop or vanity seamlessly beautiful. Your closet, well that's another story. Buy it here.