Or how to fake a resort getaway glow.

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There are two ways to bring life back to your face this winter. Option 1: Cash in your airline points and fly yourself to a resort closer to the equator. Option 2: Buy a highlighter. We would venture to guess that the latter is more on everyone’s level, and, thus, we’re here not only to tell you what highlighter you should try, but also why you should add it to your already crowded bathroom vanity.

Perhaps you have been distracted by pearlescent products at Target while you should be remembering to buy paper towels; perhaps you have seen them glimmering at a department store counter and wondered if they were worth the money. The short answer is yes. A well-placed highlight can not only bring out your face’s best features and make you look like you slept 10 hours on a Tempurpedic mattress, it can also replace several steps or products in your makeup routine. In fact, a highlighter can give you a more natural look rather than the blinged-out one many who avoid them fear.

Where should you put highlighter? The best places are on the highpoints of your face where light bounces. Trace a C-shape from your brow bone to right above the apple of your cheek. Try putting a little on the bridge of your nose or your cupid’s bow to take it one step further.

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But not all highlighters are not equal. Depending on your skin type, you want a product that adds just the right amount of sheen. Those with naturally oily skin won’t benefit from a glittery glaze and those with dry, duller complexions need to natural yet noticeable. Here are our five favorites from drugstore deals to Sephora splurges.

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz

For those just wading into the shimmering waters of highlighter application, think of this foolproof stick from Glossier as a pair of flattering water wings. The slightly pink, warm color prevents it from looking too frosty, while the product’s core made of coconut and castor seed oil adds an extra layer of dewy moisture. The price for this kind of quality can’t be surpassed.

RMS beauty Luminizer X Quad Highlighter Palette

Whether you think you’re a high priestess of highlighting or a newbie, this palette is a worthy investment. Featuring the formula that you see J. Crew models wearing, the Living Luminizer developed by Savannah, Georgia resident Rose-Marie Swift has a cult following for a reason. It makes skin look naturally radiant rather than iced over with product. The bronze and rosy options immediately warm up skin with cool undertones.

Flower Glisten Up Chubby Highlight in Pearl Shimmer

Don’t sleep on Drew Barrymore’s line of very affordable, big-box-store cosmetics. A layer of Flower’s Hydrating Primer plus a few smudged-in streaks from this stick might make you reconsider hiding your complexion under a layer of foundation.

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana

This product has been around long before the general public even knew what the term highlighting meant. It has stood the test of time for its ability to give a sophisticated polish to any look. Try applying some to your collarbone for extra definition in a low-lit restaurant or party.

MILK MAKEUP Holographic Stick in Golden Peach

This stick can enlighten any skin tone, but it’s the most powerful in this selection. Those with more petite features or less pronounced cheekbones will love its ability to bring them to the forefront. You can even use it as a statement-making lip balm.