Winter Nail Polishes
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Experts Say These 7 Nail Polish Colors Will Be Everywhere This Winter—and They're All Under $11 on Amazon

They provide long-lasting color.
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It's time to switch up your wardrobe to accommodate the cooler temperatures, and this means your clothes and makeup routine are about to get a whole lot darker and moodier—in the best way. This goes for your nail polish, too. 

"From what we're seeing lately, winter colors for nails are going to be fantastic," says Anna Parvatova, nail expert and creative director of SNS. While the fall invited in warm hues like burnt orange and smoky lilac, you can expect some deep blues and dark earth tones to be trending during the winter, she says.  

Classic holiday shades will hold their rightful place as popular nail color choices this winter—but with a twist, Parvatova says. "As we get closer to the holidays, we're going to see greens and reds, but a lot of the trends lately have combined more traditional colors with unique ideas, like oranges with nudes this past fall," she explains. 

Because cooler temperatures tend to strip the skin of moisture, you'll want to keep your nails hydrated with cuticle oil this winter, Parvatova says. "Cold, dry air can exacerbate weak nails, so be sure to stay on top of your nail maintenance and avoid harsh chemicals or soaps that might dry them out," she suggests. 

Whether you're going on a ski trip, attending a holiday party, or catching up with loved ones, elevate any winter outfit with these seven trendy winter nail colors from Amazon, picked by and with the guidance of nail experts. They also come recommended by droves of shoppers—and almost all are under $10. 

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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Essie Nail Polish in Easily Suede

BUY IT: $9.75

Nudes are here to stay for the winter, says Maria Juvakka, nail expert and founder of Chic Pursuit. And this one by Essie is just the right hue. "Essie Suede is a darker nude with purple hues that can really liven up pale winter skin tones," Juvakka says. Like any Essie polish, it provides a strong color payoff and days of chip-free wear when applied with a protective topcoat.

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OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx

BUY IT: $10.19 (WAS $10.79)

"Black is definitely going to stay popular through the winter," Parvatova says, and OPI's Black Onyx is what she reaches for in the cooler months. It has over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, and shoppers are saying this is the best shade of black you can find. "For those of you looking for a high gloss black that lasts and lasts, nothing beats this. It goes on like a dream and looks like black glass on my nails," one customer said.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

OPI Nail Lacquer in Yoga-ta Get This Blue

BUY IT: $10.50

"We're already seeing a lot of blues on nails," Parvatova says. This shade of OPI is dark and moody, but the shimmery glitter adds some spice. A few coats of this on-trend nail polish for winter will last you up to seven days of wear, and with nearly 10,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, shoppers clearly can't get enough of this long-lasting color.

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Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish in Mid-Day Mocha

BUY IT: $8.99

"Neutral colors like tan, nude, mocha, and sand are perfect nail color options for the upcoming cold season," says Juvakka. "They'll complement your favorite neutral sweaters and add warmth to your overall look." With just two coats (no top or base coat needed!) you'll have winter-ready nails with this gorgeous mocha shade. And if you're in a hurry, this type of nail polish dries in just two minutes.

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Essie Nail Polish in Off Tropic

BUY IT: $8.97

Because Parvatova says plenty of dark earth tones will trend this season, this emerald green will make you stand out. The regal nail polish provides a sleek glossy finish, and it has a brush that can accommodate every nail size. It has thousands of five-star ratings from happy Amazon customers who praise the shade's long-lasting color and smooth application.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Plum Euphoria

BUY IT: $5.87 (WAS $6.72)

"I expect we'll see a good amount of glitter," Parvatova predicts for the cooler months, so go bold with this purple shade by Sally Hansen. It's the perfect combination of deep yet vibrant, and it's made with argan oil to keep nails hydrated—super important in the winter. "It looks and lasts like gel polish, it goes on smooth and even and is easy to apply. Dries and sets well with no chipping," one Amazon shopper said, adding, "I definitely recommend this polish, it works way better than some of the gel polishes that I have."

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Essie Nail Polish in Playing Koi

BUY IT: $8.36 (WAS $9)

Switch up your usual holiday red with this smoky orange hue by Essie, which Parvatova says will be popular this winter. This chic nail polish provides lasting high-gloss shine, and Amazon shoppers say it's the perfect color for any occasion. Since "it doesn't chip or peel at all," as one customer said of the quality, you can rest assured your nails will last through a stretch of holiday parties.