Where to Apply Blush Based on Your Face Shape

Applying Blush

Oval? Heart? Diamond? During our daily makeup routine, most of us don't have time to ponder our face shape. A coat of mascara and quick swipe of lip balm is all we can manage. But it turns out that the shape of your face is important – especially when you apply blush. Working with– not against – your shape can ensure a more natural look. Whether your face is square, round, or diamond-shaped, follow these quick and easy tips for the perfect flush.

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Round Face Shape

Round faces are perhaps the easiest to work with. Simply apply blush directly below the apples of your cheeks, and extend it back to your hairline. This technique creates a lifted look that works beautifully on round-shaped faces.

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Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces have naturally high cheekbones, and blush should accentuate that gorgeous feature. Begin applying it in a semicircle in the direction of your hairline until you reach the temples. Concentrate color on your cheeks and apply it in a "C" shape for a flawless finish.

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Diamond Face Shape

The key to applying blush on a diamond-shaped face is drawing attention to the bottom half of the face. Sweep a line of rouge along the top of your cheekbones and blend it upward near the ears. This achieves a softer, less-angled look.

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Oval Face Shape

People with oval faces should start by applying blush in the center of the cheeks, instead of straight on the apples, then extend the color in an upward motion toward the earlobes. This technique plays up the outer perimeter by faking a bit more width across the middle of the face.

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Square Face Shape

Adding a bit of softness to a prominent jawline is the goal here. Applying blush directly on the apples of your cheeks while keeping it close to your nose will give your face a sculpted and slightly more rounded look. Some folks prefer to take the rouge all the way to the tip of the brows, which subtly reduces the lines of the face.

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Triangle Face Shape

Blush should be applied in a sideways "V" shape on the cheekbones of a triangular face. Start by blending the rouge from your cheekbones to the temple and continue over the eyebrows to the center of your forehead. This balances the width of your forehead with the remainder of the face for a smoother finish.

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