Can Someone Please Explain What CC Cream Is?

Nothing in our makeup bag is quite as hardworking—Even that do-it-all-mascara.

You asked, and we answered. Before we get into the nitty gritty, the main thing you need to know about CC creams is that they're a true hybrid. They're one-part skin care, one-part makeup, providing color corrective (thus, the CC) effects with some excellent complexion-boosting benefits added for good measure.

They provide a decent amount of coverage, but typically less than that of a traditional foundation. For me, it's evolved into my everyday makeup. I'll use it a la carte when I'm running errands on the weekend, but I might add some concealer and blush during the work week. For date night, I'm more likely to go the primer-plus-foundation route. I know I have never met a woman who has tried a CC cream and deemed it not for her, especially when the CC cream in question is IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+.

CC Cream

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BB Cream vs. CC Cream

CC and BB creams are not identical, although they're hybrids. According to Paula's Choice, a skincare brand that gives easy-to-digest insight into all those beauty terms we hear regularly, CC cream evolved out of the popularity of BB cream (or blemish balm). I know what you're thinking: I don't get breakouts, so BB cream isn't for me. In this case, the word blemish pertains to various skin concerns—including irritation, dryness, and even signs of aging. So, it might just be for you after all.

What Are The Best CC Creams?

We recently rounded up a few of our favorite CC creams, all of which have a few things in common.

SPF Protection

The first is that they all offer SPF protection. One of the primary reasons one might reach for a CC cream instead of any other makeup or skincare product is that it's a multitasker. The bonus of using CC cream to apply sunscreen adds some functionality to its use.

Skincare Ingredients

Another benefit we look for with a good CC cream is skincare ingredients. If formulas boast hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants, you're probably onto something. You'll want to look for ingredients that speak specifically to your skin concerns.


Last but not least, coverage is essential here. Whether it's light to medium coverage, buildable coverage, or even an illuminating formula, you'll want to ensure you opt for a CC cream with a finish that vibes with your look and needs.

That said, if you're a super matte, full-coverage-plus-concealer kind of gal, CC cream might not be your thing after all—and you will have assuredly proven my whole theory wrong about everyone loving CC cream.

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What's your one love-to-love product? The one thing you can definitely live without but sure are glad that you don't have to.

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