There were some doozies. 


It wasn't all bad beauty news coming out of 2018. We had some real winners like one-and-done eye shadows (hello, time-saver), makeup releases with far more inclusive skin tone ranges, low-maintenance hair color, and flattering short haircuts with mass appeal. That being said, the year wasn't without plenty of face-palm worthy beauty moments. We had glitter, we had sparkles, we had nail trends that will honestly be giving us nightmares for decades. Here, we're breaking down a few trends that we're happy to bid adieu in 2019.

Unicorn Everything

My Little Pony grew up and decided to become a beauty tycoon. We saw eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes, and even hair color that paired both glitter and the pinks, purples, greens, and blues that characterized our favorite childhood manes—you know, the ones that we brushed religiously. Turns out, those hues don't translate quite as well on a thirty-something as they did on our favorite fruity-scented, four-legged friends. Bummer.

Glitter Masks

We love any opportunity for self-care. At the top of that list is our face masking obsession. Now, this year it was taken just a step too far when shiny charcoal versions adorned with little sparkly stars started taking over our Instagram feeds. We don't know about you, but that just doesn't seem right—or relaxing for that matter. And, what happens if one of those little glitter specs gets in your eye?

Pastel Hair

Unicorn beauty products weren't our only pastel-hued woes this year. Baby pinks, greens, purples, and soft yellows dressed strands while distressed Southern mamas begged for this sherbet-inspired trend to leave as quickly as it came. While just a hint of rosé-color toward hair ends isn't quite so offensive, it was the rainbow-inspired, root-to-tip versions that really set Mama over the edge.

Over-the-Top Nails

If you haven't witnessed the horror of teeth nails, count yourself grateful. (Google if you dare.) Throughout the year, we witnessed nails with hair, nails with fur, nails with eyes, and nails pointier than steak knives. We'll keep playing it safe with a bottle of Sally Hansen Red My Lips, thank you.

Bizarre Eyebrow Shapes

Another scary trend we won't soon forget? Brows with a life of their own. While we're such fans of the thick, gorgeous brows that have returned to favor in the past few years, it's the halo brows, fishtail versions, and jeweled, glittered, and generally adorned brows that give us the willies. Let's get back to basics, ladies, what do you say?

Dangerous Hair Cutting Techniques

Our blood pressures reached unsafe heights in 2018 thanks to videos depicting wacky hair cutting techniques. We're talking axes, flames—real circus stuff. As we watched hair melt away into ash we couldn't help but pray a bottle of aerosol hairspray wasn't nearby.

Baby Bangs

We were happy to see the return of ultra-flattering fringe bangs. They soften angles, frame the face expertly, and work on nearly every hair texture and style. What we weren't so thrilled about was the rise in popularity of baby bangs—you know, those short little numbers that hit around mid-forehead? While we think they're cute as a button on some, they can be awfully hard to pull off. Not to mention the grow-out period can be downright gruesome—we know from experience.

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What trends were you happy to see go toward the end of 2018 and which are you hoping stick around for an encore next year?