This no-frills brand is always on-point.
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Now that spring is upon us, you've likely started your death cleaning—clearing out your closet, vacuuming out every crevice of your car, even tackling the drawer of unorganized kitchen tools. Remember that strawberry huller you thought you'd use?

But there are some things so commonplace and routinely used that we forget to refresh them. The unglamourous item in question today is your tweezers. How long have you had them? Would you rather not say? That's okay. Out of all the things we have to remember to replace, they aren't exactly the kind of thing that commands the attention of, oh say, your air conditioner filter or toilet paper basket.

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That's why we've made a point to treat ourselves to Tweezerman's Mini Slant Tweezer this Spring. After one use, it was clear that we had completely forgotten what a fresh, sharp point can accomplish, especially if you've been grasping with a dull end for months (or years). Plus, the mini size makes doing detail oriented work like the underside of your eyebrows easy, and gives you more accuracy so you can avoid any cringe-worthy accidents.

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer
Credit: Dermstore

But perhaps our favorite feature is that this model is available in a selection of bright colors like Flamingo Pink so when we are digging around in our toiletry bag (to be honest, you should probably keep them in a more sanitary location or run them under hot water before using) we can easily see them.