Courtesy Style Chicks

Sure, you love how your lashes look when coated in a lustrous, smooth coat of mascara. Getting there? Not so much fun.

That's where The Clump Cleaner comes in, a nifty gadget that gets rid of excess clumps and gunk on virtually any mascara brush — old or new, expensive or drugstore. The Clump Cleaner works so wonderfully thanks to various-sized holes that you swipe your brush through to remove buildup and ensure you get a clean coat. Buy it on Amazon for $6.99 here.

With the innovative tool, you can say goodbye to wiping the brush again and again on the side of your mascara tube or wasting tissues to clean up your mascara applicator. You can also use The Clump Cleaner to clean off brushes from older tubes of mascara with dried-up product attached to the brush that prevents you from using the remainder of the mascara. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out, you can even use the excess mascara that gathers in The Clump Cleaner's repository as eyeliner.

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To see how to use it, watch this youtube tutorial. Less mess during our makeup routine and a more even, natural-looking coat of mascara? We're feeling gunk-ho for this one!