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By Jenna Sims
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Too Faced Mascara
Credit: Sephora

With a quick scroll through Pinterest, you can find recommendations for everything from an easy dinner recipe to your latest shoe obsession. And of course, there is no shortage of beauty product reviews and recommendations. Seeing so many different types of mascara popping up on your feed, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which one is your best bet for hitting 'add to cart.' Lucky for us, Pinterest settled the debate. According to Bydrie, the most popular mascara on Pinterest in 2017 was Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23; sephora.com). It was saved over 61,000 times, although, with a name like that, we can only imagine what Mama would say.

Name aside, the Too Faced formula receives rave reviews across the board. In addition to being the fan-favorite on Pinterest in 2017, is has been "loved" 310,000 times on Sephora.com and has racked up almost 8,000 reviews on Ulta.com. The hourglass shaped brush helps coat each lash with the carbon black mascara, designed to give your lashes a full, defined look in just a few coats. It's also available in a waterproof version, which can come in handy during our hot and humid Southern summers.

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Although this mascara has been receiving top-rated reviews for several years, this confirms it definitely deserves a spot in your makeup bag. If you're still not convinced because of the steep price tag, try on of these drugstore mascaras that are all under $10.