Mama said there'll be days like this.
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Holly Golightly
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Ice cubes, cucumbers, and expensive eye patches—they've all appeared from our bag of tricks over the years. They've been touted as instant remedies for under-eye bags and dark circles, the party favors of a sleepless night. While they might seem to provide just the fix, a few hours (and one unfortunate side glance in the mirror) later and we're looking far worse for wear.

Oh what a number a lack of z's can do.

Unfortunately, we can't talk defense by sharing secrets to a good night's sleep (we're tossing-and-turning MVPs), but our offensive talents are off the charts thanks to an arsenal of little helpers we employ for camouflaging or enhancing, accordingly.

For years, women everywhere have been using this under-the-radar hack for achieving wide-awake eyes and it seems like the perfect season to bring it back to the forefront, just in case it's slipped your mind (or maybe just ours).

Call it cabin fever, spring fever, or a combination of both, but we're bound and determined to shake the dust off our warm-weather looks and brighten things up, no matter how sleep deprived we are. The secret to youthful, wide-awake eyes is as simple as swapping your charcoal liner for a much lighter, alabaster tone.

While there are plenty of ways to use white liners, we're strictly in it for widening and brightening today. To achieve just that, you might want to invest in two different liners, a thinner option for tracing your waterline (we love this one), and a thicker stick (Let It Snow - Matte Finish is a great option) for smudging at the inner corner of eyes.

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Give these two little tricks a try and you'll look wide-awake no matter what. Just make sure you don't fall under the spell of false confidence—this is no time to switch to decaf.