Timeless Fragrances That Will Have Everyone Asking What You're Wearing

These timeless fragrances will stand the test of trends and evolving beauty regimes.

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Finding a signature scent is like finding the right pair of jeans. It needs to match your personality, compliment your style, and last a long time. Most importantly, you want your perfume to be a timeless fragrance that will stand the test of trends and evolving beauty regimes. Thankfully, finding a perfume that works best for you is easier than finding that pair of jeans that you'll wear until there are one too many holes.

What To Know Before You Buy

One thing to consider before starting your perfume search is whether you plan to wear the fragrance every day or for special occasions only. That will also help you decide between a stronger bundle of notes or a softer, lighter scent. We've included everything from attention-grabbing, musky perfumes to citrusy blends that transport you to the Italian seaside. Whatever scent you choose, you can't go wrong with timeless notes like gardenia, lily, or, vanilla, just to name a few. We've even included a few fragrances created or worn by Hollywood icons.

A fragrance doesn't have to be bold to be memorable. It can be as subtle as a perfume that has only one note but can still make people turn heads to ask: "Who are you wearing?" A timeless fragrance is guaranteed to take your entire aura from stylish to sophisticated with just one spritz.

When you apply your perfume, be sure to hold the bottle about 6-8 inches away from your pulse points (those areas of your body will emit the most fragrance), and never (seriously–never) rub your wrists together or on your neck after applying perfume. Doing so can crush the delicate fragrance molecules that you so carefully selected. Now scroll on to find your signature, timeless fragrance.

Although it is a bit of a splurge, this perfume is possibly the most distinct and universally known product from Chanel. Their No. 5 Parfum features a mixture of aldehydes resulting in a complex floral bouquet. A hint of bourbon vanilla adds just the right amount of smooth warm fragrance.

Southern grandmothers have long chosen Shalimar from Guerlain as their signature scent. It’s a warm fragrance with notes of bergamot, iris, and vanilla.

Happy is Clinique's best-selling fragrance for women. As the name implies, it aims to brighten your mood with vibrant scents like grapefruit, bergamot, and spring mimosa flowers.

If any of the women in your family wear this classic scent, you'll probably recognize it immediately if you encounter someone wearing it. The inverted, pyramid-shaped bottle is just as recognizable as the formula that has hints of rose, peach, sandalwood, and more.

Reviewers of Estée Lauder's Youth-Dew prove just how timeless it is. Many say that they've been wearing it for over 50 years, and still love it just as much today as they did when they first started using it. It's described by the brand as a spicy, amber fragrance with notes of opulent flowers, rich spices, and precious woods.

Created by the glamour icon herself this perfume matches all the old Hollywood glam that Elizabeth Taylor embodied. Notes of narcisse, gardenia, and lilies will make you feel ready to walk the red carpet.

With notes of strawberry, violet leaves, and jasmine, Marc Jacob's Daisy is a sweet floral scent. It's a long-lasting floral that you'll find yourself reaching for repeatedly.

This irresistible floral musk perfume was Audrey Hepburn's go-to scent. Audrey is about as timeless as can be in our books.

Commanding notes of musk blend with delicate lily and white florals to create a warm scent best suited for formal moments.

Reviewers say this is their favorite perfume they've ever used. A light citrus scent transports you to an Italian seaside and leaves the lightest trail of fragrance wherever you go.

This clean perfume has a burst of bergamot–a distinct part of Earl Grey tea–with the cool essence of cucumber. A sweet base of beeswax, vanilla, and musk make for a refined scent.

Crisp, pure, and clean are the adjectives that reviewers and Philosophy use to describe this scent. Water lily, leafy greens, and musk balance to form a sweet, yet barely there, everyday scent.

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