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Curly Hair Tips
Curly hair is beautiful, but it can be hard to deal with at times. We've got you covered for every curly hair mishap.
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Eyeliner is tricky business. We've all been there—spending more time than we care to admit trying to make liner on one eye just a smidge fuller. Just one more little swipe until it's perf—ack! Of course, you know how that story ends, and it's not pretty. We're hopeful those days are behind us thanks to a technique that has not only cut our eyeliner application time, but also has saved agonizing over the nearly microscopic dimensions we seem so hung up on.

It's called tightlining and, if you haven't heard about it already, you're going to want to give it a try. The concept is lining under the lash line, rather than above. The best technique we've found so far uses a gel liner and thin liner brush to swipe on color with very short strokes—almost like dabbing. You'll want to work under the lashes, lining just up to the end of the interior lash line. You can extend the line from the edge of the outer lash line, though, for a little more drama.

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Tightlining will give your lashes a naturally fuller look to help your mascara really go the distance. Subtle moves like these are tricks French women have been employing for years. Their no-fuss beauty routines have been the envy of women the world over for generations for the simple fact that they've mastered the art of working with what they've got. This little tip is no different. Skip the obvious liner and opt for this invisible eyeliner technique for lashes that don't quit and a Southern je ne sais quoi all your own.