We can all appreciate a good beauty buy, but Southern women take our picks to the next level. Our mamas teach us to exhibit spunk (and class!) at the beauty counter, as they diligently pick out the perfect shade of lipstick and insist that Pond's Cold Cream is the only product we need in our arsenal. (And, of course, a Mary Kay representative on call.) We've overheard some hilarious (and not-so-uncommon) sayings from Mama at the beauty counter, and these are some of our absolute favorites. From making sure that our free gift is secured in our Macy's bag to openly sharing our recommendations for the best moisturizer with strangers, these quips are what make us the most fun makeover pals around. We're also very loyal to our choices, and the products we choose are often the same ones that Memaw and Mama use. What's better than tried and true? And, of course, we can't forget the obstacle of Southern humidity. Southern gals know exactly what works and what we'll sweat off by February 1. What's your favorite Southern beauty saying?

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